Red Light Therapy At Home: Targeted Vs Full Body

Red Light Therapy At Home: Targeted Vs Full Body

This article was written by Elise Burchett

If you’re looking for a gentlenon-invasive way to combat chronic pain like arthritis, post-operative pain, or sports injuries, then red light therapy may be the perfect treatment for you!

Red light therapy, also called photobiomodulation (PBMT), is a safe alternative to traditional pain management therapies such as pharmaceutical medication and surgery.

Research has shown that red light therapy can help speed the healing of injuries and reduce swelling while improving function and performance, making it a great choice for athletes and those recovering from surgery.

But with so many devices on the market, it can be difficult to decide which is right for you.

But fear not! 

In this article, we’ll help you understand the difference between targeted and full body red light therapy and help you determine which option is better suited to your needs…

Let’s get into it! 


What is Red Light Therapy?


Red light therapy is an emerging form of non-pharmaceutical pain relief that uses safe levels of red and near-infrared wavelengths to stimulate your body’s natural healing response.

We’ve gone over the science behind red light therapy and how it can help alleviate pain in our Red Light Therapy for Pain Relief article, but let’s take a quick refresher here.    

When exposed to low levels of infrared light (aka “red light”), the body triggers a range of biological responses that increases blood circulation and oxygen flow which floods the damaged area with nutrients.

This results in 
reduced inflammation and relief from pain – without the negative side effects associated with traditional pain medications!

And what’s more, red light therapy has been scientifically proven in over 3000 clinical trials by top scientists, researchers, and leading universities around the world!

So how can you get the healing power of red light therapy? Well, there are a couple of ways…


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Full Body Red Light Therapy

Full-body red light therapy is exactly what it sounds like – you expose your entire body to red light at once.

This can be done in a number of ways, but the most common is through large panel devices that emit light from hundreds or even thousands of tiny LEDs.

Whole-body devices are typically used in professional settings like pain clinics, physical therapy offices, and sports performance facilities. They can also be found in some luxury spas and resorts.

The main advantage of full-body red light therapy is that it can be used across large areas of the body. 

This is often why you’ll find these devices in professional settings, as they can be used to treat multiple patients’ ailments simultaneously.

However, there are a few drawbacks with full-body red light therapy. 

First, whole-body devices can be quite expensive – often costing thousands of dollars

Second, they’re also usually quite large and cumbersome, making them difficult to use at home.

Another drawback with whole-body devices is that it’s difficult to adapt your treatment to a specific area of pain or injury.

As we spoke about in our LED vs Laser Red Light Therapy article, one of the biggest factors of getting success from a red light therapy device, is having the correct dosage for your specific area of pain and injury. 

Using whole-body devices can make it very difficult to do this since you’re essentially treating your entire body at once.


Targeted Red Light Therapy


red light therapy device on ankle


So what about targeted red light therapy?

As the name suggests, this type of red light therapy involves exposing a specific part of the body to infrared light. 

This is usually done using a small handheld device that emits a more concentrated dose of light, which allows for deeper penetration than you’d find in a whole-body device.

Targeted red light therapy is great for honing in on specific areas of the body for treatment, including the lower back, knees, shoulders, elbows, and even feet.

These devices are typically portable and can be carried with you wherever you go, which makes them perfect for at-home use

They can also cost much less than traditional full-body devices, which makes them accessible to a much wider range of people.

Because these devices are designed specifically for targeted red light therapy, you can get a more accurate dosage of light for your condition and help you achieve better results from your treatment.

Which is why you’ll find targeted red light therapy devices in high-end physio or sports clinic offices. 

To provide their patients with better results, these providers use red light therapy devices that target specific areas of the body to concentrate the effect on specific areas. 

And while most of these handheld devices are more affordable, they can still run into the thousands of dollars for a single unit. 

So which type of red light therapy should you choose? Full or targeted?

Well, it’s really up to you! Both types of treatments can be very effective in treating pain and other physical conditions, but targeted red light therapy is better suited to the treatment and budget needs of most people.

The Best At Home Red Light Therapy Device


Man treating knee with red light therapy at home. He is reading a book.


So as we stated above, if you’re looking for the best at-home red light therapy device that will help you treat your chronic pain or sports injury, you should definitely consider choosing a targeted red light therapy device.

Not only are these devices more affordable and accessible than their full-body counterparts, but they’re also far more effective for treating a specific injury or condition.

And here at Kineon, we’re on a mission to transform the way people manage pain and injuries.

That’s why we’ve created our Move+ device – the ultimate targeted red light therapy device for the home or office.

Using both LED and medical-grade Laser technology, our Move+ device delivers a deep penetrating light that not only relieves pain but also helps heal damaged tissue and improves blood circulation throughout the body.

And with 3 individual modules, the Move+ is ideal to use on almost any part of the body! Simply place the unit on the area to be treated and let the powerful red light do the rest!

Best of all, the Move+ comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so you can try the device risk-free and in the comfort of your own home!

All you have to do is use the device for just 15 minutes per day for the first 30 days – and if you’re not happy with the results, you can return it for a full refund, no questions asked!

You don’t have to live with your pain any longer! 

Just click the button below and begin your road to recovery today!

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