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Lasting Pain Relief.
Improved Recovery.
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Enhanced laser light therapy, specially engineered to relieve joint pain and support your recovery process.

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At-Home Laser Therapy, For Lasting Joint Pain Relief 

Introducing MOVE+, a next-generation therapy device that uses both LED lights and medical-grade laser technology, to optimize your recovery.

If you’re struggling with joint pain, this device can help you to recover quicker while also restoring damaged tissue.

With its advanced technology, Move+ offers targeted relief to your knee, helping to reduce inflammation and ease pain.

The MOVE+ is for you if you live with chronic pain:

  • You’ve had a traumatic injury in the past (MCL, ACL, muscle tear or sprain etc)
  • You suffer from osteoarthritis and/or cartilage degradation
  • You skip participating in sports/athletic activities because you know you'll pay for it the next day.
  • Experience restless nights because your joints ache. 
  • You don't want to go down the route of expensive and risky surgeries

Chronic Pain is Hard to Live With, But Surprisingly Easy to Ignore!



With regular treatments, you’ll experience a rapid improvement in your recovery through a reduction in inflammation and stimulation in collagen production.


With the MOVE+ you can feel the effects with just one session. The combination of red light and infrared penetrates the skin, increases blood flow and eases pain.


Get back on your feet and start moving again with the MOVE+ targeted laser therapy, which is a perfect complement to any recovery protocol.

Dual-Light Technology

Deeper penetration and faster results to joints, muscles, and other tissue through our exclusive dual-light technology. Leverage the latest in LED and Laser Technology.

Sniper Like Accuracy

Experience the benefits of highly targeted enhanced Light Therapy. Our unique design allows for pin-point accuracy on problem areas for fast and effective relief. 

Portable Design

Find fast relief whenever and wherever pain and inflammation. With our stylish and portable design use immediately after high intensity training, hiking, sports, or even right before bed for better sleep. 

Whole Joint Coverage 

Most other light therapy devices only hit one side of the body at a time. With our unique band, feel medical-grade light therapy throughout your entire joint, instead of one side at a time. 

kineon move+


Experience enhanced results through whole-joint coverage, high-intensity LED and Laser light, and exact targeting to problem areas. All the benefits of light therapy, with none of the waste. 


Our dual light technology allows for enhanced power, deeper penetration, and increased effectiveness. Our device delivers the right dosage to your internal tissue where it will have the highest impact on your recovery.

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What do Our beta testers think?

"It's just transformed my knees, and really, my life."

Move+ Beta Tester - Ed Sanderson

"I've seen tremendous results. I'm now back to 100%"

Former NFL Cornerback - Mario Butler

"Amazed by how much I managed to achieve after just one session."

Move+ Beta Tester - Justine

Fast Pain Relief.
Feel the Light. 

KNEE+ is a safe, non-invasive Red Light Therapy device specially designed to relieve knee pain and support your recovery process.

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Register now for our 4 part video course giving you insights into Knee Therapy (Prehab & Rehab) from our CEO & our Scientific Advisory Board.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Red light therapy works by stimulating blood flow and energy production (ATP) in the cells of the targeted area. This reduces pain and inflammation, and triggers the healing process to help damaged tissues repair themselves.The main difference between the Knee+ and other RLT panels are that the Knee+ uses lasers to penetrate deeper into the joint, with accurate dosing to achieve more effective results.