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What Our Customers Say About The Kineon MOVE+ Pro

Trusted by thousands worldwide, the MOVE+ Pro is the ultimate recovery tool that helps people bounce back faster.

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General Pain
Hand / Arm / Shoulder

I expend enough energy breaking my body down that I want to find ways to build it back up that don’t require any extra output.

Kineon provides just that. When I’m at home watching a movie on the couch with my wife, I can have the kineon helping the ache in my knee go away.

When I’m sitting down to write a few email, I can have the kineon on my elbow, getting me ready for the rope climbs in my afternoon session. The red light therapy penetrates deeply and helps me go from pain to possible!

Noah Ohlsen

10x Individual CrossFit Games athlete

I've had some shoulder pain for some time so I tried the [MOVE+] on my shoulder.

Using it after just five minutes I felt almost like the blood rushed up the side of my body. I felt a warmth and a slight pressure but then after that five-minute, my arm feels like my good arm. It’s been really painful, it’s been painful for about five years.

I had really reduced mobility in my shoulder and an intense deep pain which just loosened up.

I’m really, really amazed but it went so quickly, literally just to feel like my other shoulder.

Ive got such good flexibility between the two, there’s hardly any difference at all.


I have a lot of knee pain, basically daily, just from injuries from the past and I sat down on the first day [of the CrossFit games] and tried it and bought one set.

I’ve been using it at the games ever since and I came back today because my knee was sore again and I’m convinced I’m getting a second set.

I love the 30-day guarantee.

Brooke Gause


I'm an orthopaedic doctor, using it last 3 months to help people to relieve joint pain without medication or surgeries.

Everyone that try it wants to buy their own.

Otávio Melo

Orthopedic Doctor

As the number one ranked female senior professional pickleball player in the world I am always looking for ways to be able to compete and train at the high test level.

The MOVE+ is a definite game changer for me. I use it every morning and night on my knee and forearm and have definitely noticed a drastic reduction in pain.

It is compact, extremely light, easy to use and portable so traveling with it is a no brainer.

Thank you MOVE+ for helping me stay at the top of the podium!

Lee Whitwell

No 1 Pickleball Senior World Champion

As a Medical Practitioner & Rehab Coach, I am always striving to work on the underlying mechanical root cause of a dysfunction and its knock-on effects.

The most palpable & almost immediate effect of the MOVE+ can be felt with achy & stiff joints. The movements feel smoother and more fluid after a few applications.


CrossFit, Medical Practitioner

I used the MOVE+ on my knee to help me recover from my recent stem cell procedure, and it was a huge game-changer in my path to full recovery.

So many applications and a fantastic tool for any biohacker or athlete or anyone else who wants to harness the power of red light!

Ben Greenfield


The portability of the MOVE+ allows me to easily throw it in my gym bag or pickleball bag so that I can recovery on the go!

Evan Slaughter

Ex-military infantryman, Comedian and Pickleball player

I have battled chronic knee pain since I was 12 years old. After spending thousands on physiotherapy, chiropractic treatments, and surgeries with no benefit, I was sceptical about the benefits of the MOVE+ Pro.

However, to my surprise, I was able to eliminate my pain in just a few weeks of using the Move+ Pro and have been using it daily since I got it. The MOVE+ Pro truly changed my life!

Otto Paakko


I love the MOVE+ for my patients especially for the design of it and how it fits perfectly around joints. I also appreciate the ease of traveling with it without having to plug it in to use it.

It has provided another level of value to our care here at the office!

Dr Mike Lynch


The MOVE+ is my go to device for recovery. It is an excellent tool for reducing inflammation and speeding up tissue healing.

I’ve been using this device for the past month in my office and my patients are feeling the healing power. It has this comfortable strap so you can use it hands free.

This makes it easy for me to have patients use the MOVE+ while I adjust them. If you’re looking to optimize your recovery time this is a must-have!

Dr Garrett Brown


With the Move+, it’s a passive device and I love it. That means I just put it on, on my knee, on my shoulder, or wherever I need it.

I turn it on and I can continue with my day. I’m not bothered by it. I don’t have to wait for the session to finish. And each session takes only about five minutes…

I’ve used MOVE+ initially for my shoulder, for my knee, for my lower back, and I’ve seen significant improvements within a week.

Michael Kummar


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We thought we were cool... but so do these guys! The MOVE+ is becoming the talk-of-the-town because of it's transformative effect on everyday lives.

If you’re one of millions stuck in an endless cycle of inflammation, injury recovery or muscle and joint pain, the MOVE+ is here to get you moving pain-free again.


Experts Review The Kineon MOVE+ Pro

The MOVE+ Pro’s quality is recognized and relied upon by distinguished healthcare professionals and elite athletes alike. See all our athletes & partners here.

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General Pain
Hand / Arm / Shoulder

As an avid hiker and cyclist who struggled for over a year with debilitating plantar fasciitis and bursitis, I can now say that the Kineon MOVE+ device literally saved my life.

...a friend suggested infrared light therapy, and everything changed. After just a week of 15-minute nightly sessions with the infrared devices tucked into my socks, aimed at the bottom of my heel, I was up and walking again. Now 3 months later, I believe I am cured, and am passing on the good news to patients and colleagues alike.

...The Kineon device is backed by science and outfitted with superb technology, and as a healthcare practitioner with over 30 years of practice in the trenches, I heartily and enthusiastically recommend this device!

Dr. Zimmerman

Family Practice PA

Whenever a patient comes into my office I always use laser therapy to help. The MOVE+ is an at-home laser therapy device for lasting joint pain relief.

It provides targeted red light therapy to your joints, accelerating your body’s healing process, and helps provide a long-term solution to pain.

Don’t turn to medication first this might only provide temporary relief. The Move+ sends both LED and RLT to your joint space to allow for faster healing

So in around a week we can reduce pain from the comfort of our home.

Dr. Jordan


“Very good for knee or joint issues.”

Alex Fergus

Personal Trainer

The MOVE+ has been very helpful in my healing and recovery process and to help with the demand I put my body through on a daily basis training for the CrossFit Games.

I have minor tendonitis in my knee, and have seen huge improvements. This device is going to be a game changer in the sport.

Brooke Wells

8 x CrossFit Games Athlete

Since I’ve been using the MOVE+ laser therapy just 15 minutes nightly, many of my nagging injuries have virtually gone away.

It’s an easy addition to my recovery and it sets me up for success!

Emily Rolfe

5 x CrossFit Games Athlete

After two weeks of using the MOVE+ I felt a huge difference… Knee flexion has always been very challenging for me after my ACL tear.

All of a sudden I was able to bend down in a squat without thinking about it. I'm very excited to start the season with this in my back pocket.

Sara Sigmundsdóttir

6 x CrossFit Games Athlete

Travis Mayer.jpg

Using the Move+ red light therapy unit has shown me new ways to recover faster, speed up the injury process, create better joint health and it’s super easy to use.

The results speak for themselves.

Travis Mayer

8 x CrossFit Games Athlete

The MOVE+ Pro gives me the freedom to train hard, and repair quicker. I’m able to see benefits during each run, with the knowledge that my cells are repairing faster and more efficiently. It’s a dream!

Since using the MOVE+ Pro I’ve felt an improved difference in my day to day mobility and pain. It’s technology of the future.

Nick Butter

8 x CrossFit Games Athlete

I’ve used $30-$60k class 4 lasers, $5000 Red Light panels and yet the MOVE+ is my preferred and most used product due to the mobility of it.

The MOVE+ has completely replaced my need for Ibuprofen. I attribute a great deal of my ability to heal so rapidly from a full biceps rupture surgery to the Move+.

In 6 months I went from surgery to being ranked the fittest 35-39 year old in the world.

Sam Dancer

6x CrossFit Games Athlete, 2 x Team CrossFit

I’ve been using the device now for a few months and it’s helping me to keep the inflammation in my knee under control so I can keep training and doing what I love.

For me the portable device is easy to chuck in my bag to use in between crazy jobs at work or between training sessions at the gym.

If you’ve experienced any traumatic joint injury in the past or suffer from cartilage degradation then the MOVE+ could really help.

Sam Briggs

10x CrossFit Games Competitor, 2013 Fittest on Earth

The MOVE+ Pro is a phenomenal tool that allows me to train hard and recover faster.

As someone training 4+ hours a day in preparation for the CrossFit Games and working full-time, it is difficult to manage nagging aches and pains with a hectic schedule.

I love that I can use my MOVE+ Pro on the go and easily incorporate it into my daily routine.

I’ve noticed improvements in my overall pain and mobility since I started using it.

Kelly Stone

2 x CrossFit Games Athlete + Doctor of Physical Therapy

I had surgery on my wrist last year and it tends to get a little stiff. The MOVE+ seems to lessen the time to get rid of that stiffness.

And if my wrist is sore from doing too many pushups or burpees or whatever, it just seems to alleviate those symptoms a bit quicker. It’s really allowed me to get back to sport or training as quickly as possible.

It gives me the freedom to express myself in my craft at 100%. To have tools like the MOVE+ in my bag to make that possible, it’s pretty awesome.

Will Moorad

5 x CrossFit Games Athlete

Words of relief from our customers

Kineon MOVE+ Pro Success Stories

Join 25,000+ others who were once limited by pain but are now back to dog walking, training, dancing, running, riding, lifting (whatever you love doing) pain-free

Meet Michael Kummer

Problem: Shoulder pain
General treatment to help with various aches and pains.
Michael Kummer's story:
Persistent shoulder pain which was sustained when doing bench presses.

Michael is no stranger to different light therapy products, having tried several in the past. But the same issue always came up - he found them difficult to integrate into his routine as they prevented him from spending time on the key aspects in daily life. This then affected consistency as he would only use them for a few days before finding them inconvenient.

After trying the Move+ device, this changed.

Michael’s Review of Kineon MOVE+

“With the Move+, it’s a passive device and I love it. That means I just put it on, on my knee, on my shoulder, or wherever I need it. I turn it on and I can continue with my day. I’m not bothered by it. I don’t have to wait for the session to finish. And each session takes only about five minutes…

“I’ve used Move+ initially for my shoulder, for my knee, for my lower back, and I’ve seen significant improvements within a week.

“My shoulder, I’ve had that injury for a year, I must have either torn or strained where my bicep attaches to my shoulder or somewhere in there. It was really painful. I lost my range of motion for a long time. I couldn’t do any overhead presses or even bench pressing. Nothing for a year and then finally, I got my hands on Move+...

“I used it for a week and suddenly I felt like whoa, my range of motion is back. I started being able to do regular overhead movements, presses, etc. And within two weeks, I was almost back to normal.”

Meet Timothy Edmunds

Problem: Plantar Fasciitis
Ultra Marathon running
Timothy’s Story:
Regular plantar fasciitis issues that he was dealing with for several months, whilst preparing for an ultra marathon. He was looking for a quicker way to heal the issue.

Timothy's Review of Kineon MOVE+

“This plantar fasciitis came on and it was extremely painful, to the point where I couldn’t run so I was getting massages done weekly. And where I was seeing some progress, it was just taking so long.

“I bought the device and I just followed the protocol. I didn’t feel anything immediately. I was running it twice a day: once in the morning for 15 minutes, once in the afternoon for 15 minutes.

“And after about three weeks, I actually started feeling relief that I hadn’t felt before with all the other therapies I was trying.”

Meet Brooke Gause

Problem: Knee Pain
CrossFit Games
Brooke’s Story:
Daily knee pain which is persistent from injuries she’s had in the past.

Brooke's Review of Kineon MOVE+

“I have a lot of knee pain basically daily, just from injuries I’ve had in the past. I sat down on the first day and tried it and bought one set and I’ve been using it at the [CrossFit] Games ever since…

“It’s instant relief, even after only five minutes. I was super skeptical coming in, I’d been researching it online, I’ve seen the Instagram ads for a while, so I mean you guys have won me over.

“And I love the 30-day guarantee. If for some reason I’m not seeing this continue then I know I’m protected to come back and get a refund.”

Meet The MOVE+ Pro

The most effective and wearable red light therapy device on the market which reduces pain in just 15minutes a day. All purchases come with a 30-day money back guarantee

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Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
807 Reviews

The MOVE+ Pro

Reduce Joint Pain In Just One Use




✅ 30-day money-back guarantee.


Risk-Free: 30 day at-home trial

Wave goodbye to joint pain & inflammation

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Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
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807 reviews
  • GM Profile picture for Greg M.
    Greg M.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Where is your pain located? Knee, Shoulder, Back, Elbow
    What is the cause of your pain? Wear & tear, Injury, ACL/MCL tear
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    1 week ago
    Best healing device

    It works any aches or pains it takes them away , I use it on my knees, back, elbow, shoulder. It’s definitely a great device for rehabilitation and healing I wish I would have had one years ago

  • LL Profile picture for Lashanda L.
    Lashanda L.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Where is your pain located? Foot
    What is the cause of your pain? Other
    Rated 4 out of 5 stars
    2 weeks ago
    Stepping in the right direction!!

    The Move+ Pro has been helpful in reducing my plantar fascia pain. I love that without adjusting settings, I’m able to use both LED and Laser simultaneously without memorizing anything. My pain has not subsided entirely, but I have noticed significant improvements.

  • JG Profile picture for Jon G.
    Jon G.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Where is your pain located? Knee
    What is the cause of your pain? Arthritis
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    2 weeks ago
    Osteoathritis Knee Pain

    I purchased the Move+ Pro for my mother, who suffers from chronic osteoarthritis knee pain. To our amazement, this non-invasive therapy provided her with immediate relief. She now uses it daily as a knee warm-up, and for two hours after each session, she remains pain-free. Thank you, Kineon, for this great product!

  • JP
    Jim P.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Where is your pain located? Knee
    What is the cause of your pain? Arthritis, Wear & tear, Injury
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    3 weeks ago
    I thought it wouldn’t work

    I have had osteoarthritis for years and I was ready to schedule my knee surgery. I was searching online to seek or find some relief and I thought why not waste a bunch of money buy some thing like the move plus. It sounded good, but I didn’t think anything would help. I could tell after the first time I used it. It made his significant difference in the swelling in my knee. It didn’t fix the problem which is bone on bone and nothing will surgery, but it certainly made a big difference in my mobility, pain level and swelling. Bottom line is this technology works to help with healing and lower inflammation I’ve used it every day since I bought it and it’s definitely worth the money

  • GS Profile picture for Gloria S.
    Gloria S.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Where is your pain located? Knee, Back, Other
    What is the cause of your pain? Arthritis, Wear & tear, ACL/MCL tear, Injury, Other
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    3 weeks ago
    All I can say is WOW!

    I ski , golf, and ride my Reiner competitively with a lot of discomfort and always question how much longer can I do this. I am a physical therapist assistant and know a-little about my limitations. I am 60 this year with Old injuries Torn ACL, PCL 3 tears in meniscus need bilateral TKR L5-S1 L2,3,4 disc herniations and riddled with arthritis from chronic Lyme disease. Had surgery date scheduled for total knee . I Received device last night and used it everywhere . Woke up with pain level of 2/10 and went to bed 8/10. Went golfing this am without any meds. No limping, no knee pains , back loose. Can’t wait for those batteries to charge so I can keep going. Thank you for giving me my sports back. Can’t wait to tell all my patients about this little miracle

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