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Brook Wells Top 10 Crossfit Athlete Worldwide

"This device is a game-changer. Kineon's Move+ has been very helpful in my healing and recovery. I've used it on my Tendonitis and have seen huge improvements. I recommend it to everyone."

Dr. Garrett Brown Chiropractor,
Active Health Clinic

"The Move+ is now my go-to device for patient recovery. It's excellent for reducing inflammation and speeding up tissue healing. It's a must-have for any health practitioner looking to improve recovery times".

Dr. Kelly Stone Doctor of Physical Therapy & Crossfit Athlete

"The MOVE+ is a phenomenal tool that allows me to train harder and recover faster. I've reduced pain and improved my mobility. I love that I can use it on the go and take it with me to training or use it in my practice. I've incorporated it into my daily routine and recommend it to patients.”

Ben Greenfield Biohacker, Fitness Trainer & Best Selling Author

"I use the Move+ every day, and it's incredible. It improves ATP production, allowing real healing to take place. The MOVE+ Pro gives the advantage of both LED and Lasers to increase blood flow and penetrate deep into the joints. I recommend it for anyone looking to improve healing."

How long does a treatment take?

We recommend using the device for 5 - 15 minutes per day for optimal results, depending on the issue being treated.

Consistency is key with this. So doing a short treatment every day will be more effective than doing longer sessions more sporadically.

Can I use this on any part of my body?

The MOVE+ Pro can be used on any part of the body and we are currently designing more strap options to target those hard to reach places.

What kind of pain can the MOVE+ help with?

The MOVE+ can help treat a huge variety of acute and chronic issues.

Laser therapy has proven results for...

Rheumatoid arthritis⁠
Chronic pain
Cartilage damage
Wound healing/recovery
Acute injuries (MCL, ACL)
Carpal tunnel
Osgood Schlatter Gout
Tennis/golfer's elbow
Recovery after surgery
Anxiety & depression
Gut issues⁠ and much more...

How does the MOVE+ work?

Red light therapy works by stimulating blood flow and energy production (ATP) in the cells of the targeted area.

This reduces pain and inflammation, and triggers the healing process to help damaged tissues repair themselves.

The main difference between the MOVE+ and other red light therapy panels are that the MOVE+ uses lasers to penetrate deeper into the joint, with accurate dosing to achieve more effective results.

Is this device backed by science?

The clinical research has exploded over the last 5 years, with over 6,000 scientific studies showing the positive impact of using PBM (red light therapy).

How is it different to other devices?

It's crucial to ensure the correct light characteristics to optimize results.

The technology of the MOVE+ has been based off hundreds of successful clinical trials to ensure only the most effective wavelengths, dosage and components are used.

The use of both LED lights and medical-grade laser technology can offer targeted relief to your joints by increasing blood flow and energy production (ATP) in the cells of the targeted area.

This reduces pain and inflammation, and triggers the healing process to help damaged tissues repair themselves.

What are the tech specs?

Here are some of the tech specs of the MOVE+:

8 x 660nm deep red LEDs per module
10 x 808nm Infrared lasers per module

Infrared lasers (class 1): 5mW per laser diode, 50mW per module
Deep red LEDs: 80mW per emission area

Read more on our technical specs page.

Frequently Asked Questions

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