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Kineon is a technology company with a focus on innovating light therapy devices and providing clinical level treatments in the comfort of your home.

Forrest Smith


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Jodie Carlisle


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Ed Sanderson

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Our Story To Date

April 2019 Idea for MOVE+

The idea for the MOVE+ (then called the Knee+) was born out of a need for a better solution to treat chronic pain.

Kineon CEO Forrest discovered red light therapy as a potential solution for his own chronic knee pain originating from an MCL tear, and validated this as a viable therapy through extensive clinical research.

March 2020 design and prototyping

Design and prototyping begins on the first iteration of the MOVE+, which was initially designed primarily for the knees. After substantial demand for usage on other body areas, the device and strap design was upgraded to work easily on any area.

Oct 2021 Launches on Indiegogo

After first launching on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, Kineon raised over $1,000,000 to help bring this innovation to market, and shipped over 10,000 units worldwide within the space of 9 months.

2023 and beyond.

With a core mission to empower the largest number of people in the most impactful way, to take ownership of their health and quality of life, Kineon looks set to redefine the light therapy space, and how we approach chronic pain.


Team Culture


Movement is the key to any recovery process and our team delves into the most efficient ways of moving to repair injured areas.

Scientific Rigor

All of our products are developed based on the latest scientific research. Infrared technology is a vibrant and evolving field that is currently experiencing a revolution

Tech Focus

Our products employ the latest technology in lasers and leds, to bring you the most advanced form of healing in the market.

Experienced Team

Our company is made up of world class team of individuals that care passionately to bring high quality products to the world to help improve the quality of life. And it's time those products helped you get back on your feet and enjoying life again.

Strong Vision

Our mission is to help the largest number of people live happier, healthier lives by providing safe and effective treatments for pain management. We believe that we all deserve the chance to be our best selves, no matter what life throws at us.


Meet The Team

Forrest Smith

Forrest Smith


Tom Sanderson.jpg

Tom Sanderson


Jodie Carlisle

Jodie Carlisle


Ed Sanderson.png

Ed Sanderson

Financial Controller

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Tor Burrows

Content Manager

Zoe Ashbridge

Zoe Ashbridge



Bex Kilby

Account Manager


Improve Recovery in Any Body Area

Trusted by thousands worldwide, the MOVE+ Pro is the ultimate recovery tool that helps people bounce back faster. Read our case studies here:

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General Pain
Hand / Arm / Shoulder

I'm currently using the laser for my severe arthritis & I can attest to its effectiveness for pain relief.
It's very useful to treat my knees & severe neck pain.

Lina Record

After only a few treatments, my wrist pain is gone and my low back pain has also disappeared.

Mary K.

It's very helpful for my Back, Shoulder, Hand(thumb) and Knee. I love the versatility!

Maxine White

I used this device for the past 10 days on various injuries including my wrist, elbow and neck. I love the portability of it and the ease of adjustability for various joint sizes. The extender strap is genius to allow for greater use on the torso as well. I did use it on my lower back a couple of times. I did find my discomfort diminished after use. Also, many times I was still able to function / do things while wearing the device which I loved an appreciated as I rarely get time to just sit and experience a treatment. The device and the carry case are high quality and user friendly. I really like having everything in one portable kit, so convenient. I took it everywhere. I will definitely be using this more often and sharing it with my clients.

Maggie T.

This device does what the company states. It is great on my knees and lower back. My knee pain is being managed much better by using this device. Consistency is key. Wonderful device!!!

Leslie R.

This device is as advertised. I’d been reading up on red light therapy and looking at reviews for various devices etc. My joints, especially my knees along with my lower back have been extremely troublesome and very painful. I’ve had various medical treatments which have provided relief but have required subsequent treatments. The problem is the second treatment is not as impactful as the first.

I’ve only had the device for a little over a week and I’ve been pain free since following the instructions outlined in the video. So it’s 5 stars today and hopefully it will stay that way.

Most importantly I’ve been able to play pickleball longer and get a good nights rest because I’m not twisting and turning because I hurt so much. Loving it!

Joseph C.

At first I was sceptical. Having suffered multiple spine fractures in my early 20's, I knew later in life would have mobility issues. I have suffered greatly with piriformis, hip, spine and pelvis problems. Physio at £40 a time and medication enabled me to enjoy gym, running and more importantly Golf. Having used the product intensely for 6 weeks, I'm now Physio and Medication free. Unbelievable. I seldom leave reviews or recommend products, this really is life changing. So much so, a friend who suffered cauda equina, nerve damage on his lower back, purchased one. Its had the same life changing results. A big investment, but so worth it.

Daniel C.

I have moderate knee arthritis in both. Left being worse than right. I use it on my knees daily. After a few days, i noticed that walking up the stairs i felt very very minimal pain. I almost cried. Now using on my hips, shoulder, elbow, neck,back and hands (all which have some issues) So far So good! On another note, I use it before and after my gym workouts. Especially Leg day. My knees hurt a lot after that. Then i put my kineon on and the pain decreases. Thank Goodness

Jennifer Z.

I've been using my Move+ religiously on my elbows and shoulders for about 4-5 months now.
I'm 58 years old and still am a avid bodybuilder/strength trainer and had developed osteoarthritis in those
areas, as well as reduced cartilage with tendon and ligament issues. I am now virtually pain free in those areas. My shoulders and elbows have undergone a remarkable recovery.

Steve Bakar

The MOVE+ has eased my pain in many situations. Besides Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, I have severe bilateral osteoarthritis, bilateral carpal tunnel and I HAD a mucus cyst. Then it completely healed. (My hand surgeon was amazed by this.)
It has brought my hand pain levels from the standard 6-7 to a lovely 3-4.

Brenda Adams

I recently used this product after getting Achilles tendinitis during a marathon. It was super easy to use just 15 minutes 2x a day just putting it on the effected area. It has been literally 3 weeks and I have no more pain. I went to the chiropractor and he said it was looking so good that I only needed to not run for month rather than a year and can still do strength work. So happy! Highly recommend!

Stephen Kirkman

My knee and elbow. The difference is my knee has been crazy. I've done 2x 5km runs since starting using it 10 days ago. I was dubious, but thought it was worth a go.


I have used the unit for 5 days now and I must say that the result is astonishing.

Early in March I had a Cortisone and Hyaluronic acid injection in my right knee.
The surgeon, who cleaned the Meniscus 3 years ago said to me that sadly this is what I have to live with.
I regularly receive updates about the Kineon Move+ and then I thought what the heck!
After 6 days of diligently using the unit, both my right knee and my left arm are pain free.
l am now working on my left knee's Osgood-Schlatter, a souvenir from when I was 11 years old, and I have already felt an improvement.

My plans to return to the Vet Tour are now becoming reality and I thank you very much again for giving me the opportunity to finally try the Kineon Move+

Fabrice Mary

I have a pair of Kineon Move + that I use on a daily basis. I have "theatregoer's knee", where I get knee pain if I sit with
bent knees for too long - and the Move+ makes a massive difference to that. It's also been good for helping with more
acute pain like muscle strains. The first time I used it, I was stunned to realise that I'd sat with my laptop on my knee for an hour with no pain.

Jason Whyte

Wanted to wait until I hit the 4 week/1 month mark to give you an update on the Kineon Knee+. And today marks 30 days since I started.
Routine is done twice daily, morning and night.
I've had less pain and better knee function using this for 4 weeks than I have in 5 months of doing what my doctor told me to do (which is to sit, take glucosamine, and hope it gets better).
I used to fear going up and down stairs. In the last week, I go up and down stairs without even thinking about it.
I used to have pain that would make me think twice of getting up to go to the bathroom or get some water. That's been reduced to a couple minutes a day of discomfort and maybe a twinge or two pain.
I used to dread any time I'd have to be on my feet for a while or do any walking. Last week, I went on a date which involved a fair bit of walking and my knees feel completely fine.

I used to feel like I was basically gonna have to make peace with being somewhat "crippled" for the rest of my life by this.
In conclusion, you are awesome. Thank you for this.

So here I am, exactly 2 weeks past my total knee replacement (left knee this time). Staples (all 29 of them!) were removed Monday and yesterday I did my first post surgical laser treatment. Results:
- Immediate reduction in pain.
- I've discarded my walker and have graduated to a
- I got the best night's sleep. since my procedure last
- I have better range of motion this morning.
All I can say is thank you!

Joshua Walfish

This Kineon is incredible!! I bought another after buying the first one- decided we need 2!!

Not only does it heel aching knees, bad backs, and any other body pain but it energizes my body!

Do not even question getting one!

Natalie W.

Had excruciating back pain that had me immobilised for days. Used the MOVE+ three times already across fifteen minutes several times a day. The impact was immediate - I could get up and move around without crying.

Person I.

I want to Thank all of you at Kineon. My wife and I have used the Move+ For several months now and it has helped tremendously with our knees. We no longer have to hobble when getting up from the table after eating or when getting out of the car.

We went to Disney World recently and we were dreading all the walking, but Thanks to Move+ for the improvement in our knees we were able to enjoy it and didn't have to take any pain medication for our knees. So Thank You


This Move+ is amazing. I received the Move+ in the mail on Thursday January 12th and began using it on Friday the 13th. I have been doing two twenty minute sessions every day on my right knee. I was so excited to begin using this that I ended up bringing it on vacation with me. Today I was able to complete a leg workout with minimal pain. Prior to using the Move+ I would have pain doing any type of lower body movement. I cannot wait to see the results after another week of use! This product has truly changed recover for me. Thank you so much.

Jonathan Spilberg

Love this product, it has been fantastic on helping with my knee injury, pain is slowly receding already, been just over a week. I would highly recommend this product!

Alfred Woo

A year ago, pre Move+, 5 km walk would leave me limping with knee pain. Yesterday just finished 118km Camino Ingles in 6 days and arrived in Santiago de Compostela. Some small pain but no limping. Took my device with me, 15 mins in the morning, 15 mins in the evening made it all possible. Thank you again team Kineon

Martin Naughtaly

I bought this device for my aunt that has a bad knee. She started using it twice a day and less than a week later she was walking instead of hobbling. Even she noticed she was able to move faster and better. I 100% recommend this device whether it's for athletic use or for joint paint. Totally worth the investment

Leah Stucky

Of course, I had - besides my hopes - also some doubts if Kineon will really be helpful for me. But after months with knee pains, and restrictions in mobility, I gave it a shot. And now, after 1 week of red light therapy I did today my first CrossFit workout w/o thinking about my knee or being limited in my performance due to pain. Really amazing! One of my best investments ever!

Johannes Biedermann

Since my 2nd knee operation over 15yrs ago i have had pseudo-locked knee, in which a defensive reaction impedes knee movement and i have been unable to fully straighten my knee. After just three weeks of using the Kinion Move + i have full range of movement and my kness feels more stable and the strongest it been post-op. Thanks to all the team for the creation of this amazing tech.

Kevin Nicholas Hyland

Move+ user and fellow meniscus tear and chondromalacia sufferer here. Lots of home PT helped. Then I got the Kineon. The device "took the edges off" the remaining discomfort and pain, then I lost 40lbs and that took off the rest.

I no longer have any knee issue and can bound up and down stairs like a 20yo (I'm about to turn 54). Recently took a trip to France where we went to Mont Saint Michele -walked up over 900 steps to the abbey without issue. I feel like the Kineon device empowered my full recovery.

Tina Cushing Mach

I recently had surgery to repair torn meniscus in my knee. It is very easy to use the Move + every morning and evening. After three weeks I have very little swelling and pain, especially immediately after using the Move +.

Myron Postma

I got my Kineon and used it on my knee, it was so helpful and took the pain away. I had an employee complaining about his neck being really sore and when he was getting some Advil to help it, I recommended him to use my Kineon. He put it on for and after he was done he was amazed at how well it worked. He mentioned it in front of my husband, so now I think next time my husbands shoulder is hurting him, he will use it. He wouldn't use it before., but I think now he will.

Karen L

Let the healing continue!!! Loved the convenience of the product, the fact that I could wear it while doing
other things was a bonus. Thanks guys. Injuries don't waste time and neither did you. Glad to get back to healing.

Demetri G

I have had amazing relief with my Kineon Move +. More impressive was their customer service team. They prioritize my request and if I could give six stars they would have it. Thank you Daphne!

Bryan Superville

Using Kineon for 2 weeks, I made sure that it really works. For 2 weeks + of usage, a really helpful gadget. Not only for me, but my family too. Thank you Kineon Team that find a way to transfer to Ukraine and for help.

Коля Білик

Been using the Kineon+ for the past couple of months while recovering from an injury, and it has been a game changer!!!


Got my Move+ eventually, via DHL then Canada Post. Really well made. Starting to use it and it seems to help my knee (I'm 70 and injured it playing tennis.) but the most remarkable use was: I trapped my 2nd finger between a steel Jack post and a steel safe that I was moving. Really jammed the 2nd joint, it hurt quite a bit and my finger went dark blue. Could still move it so not fractured. Anyway, I clustered the 3 Kineon units around it for 5 mins twice and 10 minutes times once over the next day and a half. - It feels great already. Fully flexible without pain. All the blue bruising's just about gone (turned a bit pink) and no yellowing bruise either. I was amazed.

Jeff Hackett

For 2 months, l've been using the move+ pro multiple times a day, on my knees, on my neck, on my biceps/triceps, on my tummy to go to sleep. It works brilliantly, I definitely don't feel pain after a 15min session, the battery last enough for a dozen sessions.

I take it with me when travelling as it's so light and does not take space (--> not like the flexbeam which I own as well but use less now that I have the move+). The charging dock is well designed. recommend it to my friends or colleague who suffer from articulations issues.

Jane Michaelson

Thank you! I competed at semis this year and just missed out on a games spot. I've used Kineon this past season to help with a previous shoulder injury and it's been a GAME changer!

Jordan Szwec

I've personally used this for 30 days on some stubborn plantar fasciitis issues. Although I was using additional therapies, | noticed significant improvement only after I started using the kineon device. It was gradually and I used it daily but it
did improve my issues.

Bio Resilience Page

I had been dealing with some stubborn plantar fasciitis issues for over 6 months that completely halted my ultra running training (in fact, 4 months ago I had to completely stop running). I used dozens of different therapies over the last 4 months and was slowly seeing some progress. Then, I started seeing videos about the Kineon device.

At first there were no changes, but I stuck with a 15 minute session on each ankle/heel 2x per day. After 10 days I noticed an improvement, it was a bigger jump in relief than I had experienced in the 4 months before with other methods. After 30 days the relief was so significant, I started back running again. Today I'm about 45 days in with my Kineon device and I still use it and continue to make progress. Last month I was probably at 60% and now with the Kineon I'm at 96%. I can't say that the healing was 100% attributed to the Kineon because I was doing other forms of healing however, the biggest improvements came after I implemented the device. Highly recommend, worth every penny.

Gotta say that the Move+ has been terrific with my 2 arthritic knees and has started helping with lower back.

Joe Winogradoff

When I have sciatica pain that extends from hip to ankle I feel a big knot on the outside of my calf. I used the Kineon laser on that area twice for 15 minutes each time. The pain has reduced significantly. I am extremely satisfied with the laser.

Kathy Freilinger Hart

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What’s your 30-day free trial policy?

If you’re not completely satisfied with the results after 30 days of continuous treatment, we will offer you a refund or further guidance.

All we ask is that you use the MOVE+ Pro 3-5 times per week for 5-15 minutes per day over 4 weeks. If there is still no improvement, we will provide you with a refund.

How long does a treatment take?

We recommend using the device for 5 - 15 minutes per day for optimal results, depending on the issue being treated.

Consistency is key with this. So doing a short treatment every day will be more effective than doing longer sessions more sporadically.

Can I use this on any part of my body?

The MOVE+ Pro can be used on any part of the body and we are currently designing more strap options to target those hard to reach places.

What kind of pain can the MOVE+ help with?

The MOVE+ can help treat a huge variety of acute and chronic issues.

Laser therapy has proven results for...

Rheumatoid arthritis⁠
Chronic pain
Cartilage damage
Wound healing/recovery
Acute injuries (MCL, ACL)
Carpal tunnel
Osgood Schlatter Gout
Tennis/golfer's elbow
Recovery after surgery
Anxiety & depression
Gut issues⁠ and much more...

How does the MOVE+ work?

Red light therapy works by stimulating blood flow and energy production (ATP) in the cells of the targeted area.

This reduces pain and inflammation, and triggers the healing process to help damaged tissues repair themselves.

The main difference between the MOVE+ and other red light therapy panels are that the MOVE+ uses lasers to penetrate deeper into the joint, with accurate dosing to achieve more effective results.

Is this device backed by science?

The clinical research has exploded over the last 5 years, with over 6,000 scientific studies showing the positive impact of using PBM (red light therapy).

How is it different to other devices?

It's crucial to ensure the correct light characteristics to optimize results.

The technology of the MOVE+ has been based off hundreds of successful clinical trials to ensure only the most effective wavelengths, dosage and components are used.

The use of both LED lights and medical-grade laser technology can offer targeted relief to your joints by increasing blood flow and energy production (ATP) in the cells of the targeted area.

This reduces pain and inflammation, and triggers the healing process to help damaged tissues repair themselves.

Do you ship worldwide? And how long does shipping take?

Yes! For the United States it typically takes 2-5 (and a little longer for Canada).

 For the Rest of World it can take 8-14 days depending on location (including Europe & the UK). That will shorten as we hold stock in EU/UK

See our support page for more information.

What are the tech specs?

Here are some of the tech specs of the MOVE+:

8 x 660nm deep red LEDs per module
10 x 808nm Infrared lasers per module

Infrared lasers (class 1): 5mW per laser diode, 50mW per module
Deep red LEDs: 80mW per emission area

Read more on our technical specs page.

How do you clean the MOVE+ Pro?

While cleaning the MOVE+ please consider using alcohol free anti-bacterial wipes. We recommend avoiding the use of abrasive liquids or alcohol containing products as this can damage the silicone coating of the modules

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got questions about the MOVE+ Pro? We've got answers!

Get back on your feet with the MOVE+ Pro


Backed by 6000+ Clinical Studies


Targeted LED & Laser technology


Portable and Hands Free Use


Whole Joint Coverage


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