CrossFit Athletes Share Their Experience With Red Light Therapy

CrossFit Athletes Share Their Experience With Red Light Therapy

CrossFit has never been a sport for the faint-hearted. It demands immense physical strength, grit, and determination. But above all, it tests the athletes' resilience – both physically and mentally. 

As the stakes rise in this high-intensity, high-impact sport, athletes are constantly exploring innovative ways to gain an edge and improve their recovery. One such emerging technique that's garnering significant attention is red light therapy.

In this blog, we dive into the personal experiences of multiple CrossFit athletes who've incorporated red light therapy into their regimens. We’ll explore their journeys, the challenges they faced, how red light therapy came to their rescue, the frequency of their sessions, and the final verdict on whether they recommend this treatment. 

At the heart of these athletes' stories is one device: the MOVE+ Pro. This wearable red light therapy device combines both convenience and innovation. With its portability and quality LEDs and Lasers, it delivers targeted therapeutic benefits right where it's needed.

But don’t worry, this blog is not just for the fitness enthusiasts out there; it's a collection of human stories, of athletes pushing their boundaries, exploring new opportunities in wellness technology, and finding huge benefits in this revolutionary technology! 

So sit back, and allow these stories to inspire, enlighten, and guide you on your own journey to peak performance!


Travis Mayer


Travis Mayer with the MOVE+ Red light therapy device


CrossFit athlete Travis Mayer was no stranger to the aches and pains that came with the demanding sport. However, a lingering knee discomfort posed a significant obstacle, slowing his recovery and impeding his training. In his search for an effective solution, Travis found red light therapy.

Travis committed to the therapy, dedicating 3-4 short sessions per day. He soon noticed gradual improvements in his recovery and a decrease in his workout discomfort.

“I started to notice improvements and decided to put more of a focus on recovery” Travis shares. The MOVE+ Pro’s ease of use and efficiency won him over. “Being able to strap on the red light and it's recovering for me, that was a win”.

Despite his initial skepticism, Travis found that the MOVE+ Pro red light therapy device surpassed his expectations. “I can do three, four sessions a day and stay healthy without focusing on extra recovery measures. If this is going to speed that process up, then I'm all for it”.

Now, red light therapy is part of Travis's daily routine, used on inflamed and aggravated areas from training. “I've used it on my elbows, my shoulders, my knees, and it's sped up the recovery process. So if you're looking for faster recovery, then you might as well try it!”

Travis's story exemplifies the potential of red light therapy in addressing pain and aiding recovery for CrossFit athletes. His experience is a testament to the transformative power of red light therapy on an athlete's journey.

Sara Sigmundsdóttir


Sara Sigmundsdottir with the MOVE+ Red light therapy device


From a broken wrist and ribs to an ACL tear, Sara has faced her fair share of obstacles. “The ACL tear has been the hardest obstacle I've ever faced”, she says, reflecting on the challenges of regaining trust in her body and managing unexpected swelling.

But amidst these challenges, she discovered a game-changer for her recovery – red right therapy. Initially skeptical, she was inspired to try it by fellow CrossFitter Travis Mayer. “I saw him using it and asked him what it was. He told me it helped him a lot with his knee swelling, and at the time, I was dealing with a lot of swelling” she recalls.

After speaking to Travis, Sara started using red light therapy for about 30 minutes a day. “The first week I didn't feel that much of a difference. After two weeks, however, I started feeling a huge difference. It's insane how such simple things can help so much that you forget about your pain” she says. 

Even in her day-to-day activities, such as driving, she could conveniently utilize the therapy and simultaneously recover. “You put the MOVE+ Pro on you before you go into the car and you're driving for 30 minutes and you're actually recovering at the same time. Red light therapy has been a very big game changer for me in this recovery!”

Noticing a dramatic change after two weeks, she felt a transformation in her daily activities: “The difference was huge. I could bend down in a squat without thinking about it, and anyone who's had swelling in their knees understands how big that is…” she describes, highlighting the benefits that extended into her everyday life. 

Even tasks like walking the dog or walking up stairs became less painful, changing her daily experiences for the better!

Her discovery of the MOVE+ Pro transformed her recovery process, aiding her in regaining trust in her body. “It's very important to minimize all those small niggles and pains so you can continue on a good momentum of training” Sara concludes, advocating for the therapy's potential to aid athletes in their recovery journeys.

Sam Dancer


Sam Dancer with the MOVE+ Red light therapy device


Over his 20-year career as a high-level CrossFit athlete, Sam Dancer has experienced many injuries. Recently, he suffered a full bicep rupture just before the CrossFit Games. After the diagnosis and surgery, Sam was determined to expedite his healing, saying, “I was going to exhaust every therapeutic weapon that I had and aim it at my arm to try to get it to heal.”

Among the therapies he used, the MOVE+ Pro red light device, sent by his friend and training partner Eric Hinman, stood out… 

Even though Sam had access to more expensive red light devices, this portable device offered something unique. “I was bound to a table or a chair for 10, 15, 20 minutes with the Class 4 laser and my red light. But with the MOVE+ Pro, I could help around the house still,” he shared.

Not only that, but it also provided speedy pain relief. “I put it on, and in five minutes, the pain would be gone, and I'd be me again,” Sam explained. The device also showed efficacy with his recurring knee issue, stating, “It literally only took about 10 minutes… it blew me away. I felt 100% again.”

Sam also replaced over-the-counter pain medication thanks to red light therapy. “I've been able to completely replace my use of ibuprofen with this little MOVE+ Pro. It works better and faster and it works longer,” he explained. Its quick relief time, compared to ibuprofen's hour-long wait, made it an excellent alternative.

Despite its smaller size and lesser power compared to his other devices, Sam found the MOVE+ Pro incredibly beneficial. He credits its effectiveness to its wearability, allowing him to use it more frequently. “You're able to accumulate so much more time actually wearing it. And I think that's what makes this thing so special,” he concluded.

Brooke Wells


Brooke Wells with the MOVE+ Red light therapy device


For CrossFit athlete Brooke Wells, the struggle with persistent tendonitis in her elbows since 2016 has been a challenging journey. “I would just rest them each off-season, hoping that would help for a few months, but it kept coming back,” she shares.

And after dislocating her elbow at the 2021 games, Brooke realized the importance of addressing injuries at their onset. “It's made me really realize that I need to take care of injuries or nagging little things from the moment they start,” she notes.

Now, she uses the MOVE+ Pro red light therapy device for any emerging pain, such as minor tendonitis in her knee. “I started putting that on there every single morning and night and have seen huge improvements,” she states.

Brooke had been researching red light therapy extensively to understand how to prevent recurring injuries like tendonitis. That’s why she was so excited to try the MOVE+ Pro, particularly as she was developing knee tendonitis due to lower body training while nursing her elbow.

Her daily routine now involves using the MOVE+ Pro on her knee for 30 minutes each morning and night. “It's so easy and convenient to do,” she says. 

She noticed significant improvements within two weeks. “At night, I kept waking up with my knee throbbing in pain. And once I started using the red light before bed at night, there was no throbbing when I was sleeping anymore.”

Initially hopeful, Brooke quickly found the MOVE+ Pro effective. “I saw improvements so quickly... a huge improvement was like, why would I not wear this all the time?” She's been consistently using the device for about three to four months now, testifying to its easy use and the convenience it provides.

Daily activities, like walking her dog, that were previously painful due to knee issues, became easier. The red light therapy allowed her to resume her routines without discomfort and adjust her training without worrying about aggravating her knee!

In conclusion, the testimonials from these accomplished CrossFit athletes speak volumes about the benefits of red light therapy… 

Despite their various injuries and recovery needs, they all found significant relief and improvements in recovery using the MOVE+ Pro red light therapy device.

These experiences underline the transformative role that red light therapy, and specifically the MOVE+ Pro, can play in an athlete's journey. 

The convenience, ease of use, and therapeutic effects of this treatment can help athletes manage pain, speed up recovery, and enhance their performance, allowing them to focus on achieving their training goals.

So, whether you're a high-performance athlete or someone who simply aims to live an active, healthy life, the MOVE+ Pro red light therapy device is worth considering…

Its potential to help address injuries, prevent further complications, and enhance your overall quality of life is truly remarkable. 

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Try it for yourself by clicking the link below…

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