Faster Recovery From Crossfit With The MOVE+


The next-generation red light therapy device that uses both LED lights AND medical-grade laser technology, to support your recovery pre or post workout.  

  • Reduce Pain & Inflammation In Joints
  • Increase Muscle Explosiveness By Healing Mitochondria
  • Smash Personal Bests By Optimizing Joint Health

With its advanced technology, MOVE+ offers targeted relief to your joints, helping to reduce inflammation and ease pain.

Clinical level pain relief from $47/month
Money back guarantee 30-day at-home trial
Worldwide tracked shipping
1 year warranty included with every device

Portable design

Find fast relief whenever and wherever you feel pain and inflammation, pre or post workout.

"My day-to-day training is very intensive and I am spending 6-8 hours inside the gym with many more outside to get 1% better everyday.With the work I put in on my body, how I take care of it in the down time is so important.

Using the Kineon Move+ red light therapy unit has shown me new ways to recover faster, speed up the injury process, create better joint health and it’s super easy to use. The results speak for themselves and that’s why I always use the Move+."

Travis Mayer

7x CrossFit Games Competitor & Olympic Silver Medallist 

Designed for CrossFit Recovery

In a single 5 minute session, Kineon's MOVE+ activates increases blood flow — optimizing recovery and reducing pain.

Reduce knee pain during box jumps

Reduce neck pain during wall balls

Reduce shoulder pain during push presses

Reduce elbow pain during muscle-ups

Reduce back pain during deadlifts

Reduce ankle pain during lunges

Reduce head pain

Reduce hip pain during squats

Whole Joint Coverage 

The 3 MOVE+ modules deliver medical-grade light therapy throughout your entire joint, optimizing your recovery.

Recover Like A Professional Athlete.


The MOVE+ decreases inflammation and stimulates collagen production.


Deep heat penetrates the skin, relaxing muscles and improves blood flow.


Start moving again and get back to the gym and doing the things you love.


The portable design means pain relief is always at hand whenever you need it.

Sniper Like Accuracy

Our unique design allows for pin-point accuracy on problem areas for fast and effective relief. 

Kineon Move
  • Industry-Leading Technology
  • A Fraction Of The Cost (Save $150 Today)
  • Backed By 6,000+ Clinical Trials
  • Use On Any Part Of Your Body


The Competition

  • Inconsistent & Ineffective Dosing
  • Competitor Products Starting At $10,000s
  • Outdated & Inefficient Methods
  • Limited Treatment Areas

Recover like a professional athlete...

+ FREE complimentary recovery plan


With its advanced technology, MOVE+ offers targeted relief to your joints, helping to reduce inflammation and ease pain. 

  • We’ve Helped Thousands Of Customers
  • Backed By 6,000+ Clinical Trials
  • One-Year Warranty

“I've had some shoulder issues for a while and using the Reviiv Light has made a huge difference. My shoulder is doing so much better in a short amount of time.” - Patricia Williams

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