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Push Presents She Will Actually Use

When a woman gives birth we often think to get something for the baby, like a cute stuffed animal or adorable baby outfit. While these gifts are always appreciated, there might be an added way you can help ease the new mom’s transition into motherhood.

Push presents are gifts just for mom, which might make you think of jewelry, chocolate, or flowers.

Instead, we’re going to offer you five push presents she will actually use. Ones that are practical enough to offer the appreciated gift of time, energy, and rest.


Targeted Red Light Therapy Device



Description: Red light therapy offers a safe and non-invasive way to improve skin scarring and potentially reduce pain. These devices send low-wavelength red light deep into the skin, where cells absorb the light particles. The light helps the cells produce more adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a chemical compound that cells use to store and release energy. Basically, the more ATP you produce, the more energy your cells have to work and repair the body.

Specifically, ATP can help your cells fight infection, reduce inflammation and pain, repair tissue, and keep your muscles moving. Research on red light devices is still in the early stages, but the results are promising. A 2021 review showed it supported skin rejuvenation and a 2022 study suggested it reduces pain for musculoskeletal conditions.

Why we like it: Red light therapy devices can be ordered online and are simple to use. For moms who don’t have much time or energy to do physical therapy sessions, these devices might help them recover more quickly. Even beyond postpartum issues, it can be used ongoing for general pain relief and skin improvements.

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Treatment times can range from 5 to 20 minutes just a few times a week to see results. All you need is a plug to charge it, making it a no-fuss gift mom can easily use while sitting or lying down.


Elvie Pump


Description: The Elvie Pump is growing in popularity as one of the best FemTech products around. What makes it different is just how quiet, discreet, and efficient it is. It fits right into a nursing bra, making it a hands-free pump without any tubes or wires.

It was designed to fill the gap for how desperately new moms need the freedom to move around and get whatever’s needed done. It can be used at home, while out, or even at work, without anyone the wiser. It even has smart tech that automatically pauses when the bottle is full. Plus, it detects and transitions from the faster stimulation breastfeeding mode to the slower expression mode, replicating the natural nursing rhythm of a baby.

Why we like it: The Elvie Pump’s new design and function liberate moms from plugs, pump noises, and hiding out in work closets or public bathrooms. It’s light, easy to take anywhere, and can even be controlled through its smartphone app. It tracks milk volume, records pumping history, and helps moms stay aware of their milk supply.

This easy-to-use pump can easily become a game-changer for any new mom. Whether she’s always on the go or multitasking at home, this pump can make the breastfeeding months as easy as they can get.


Sleep Hygiene Gifts

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Description: A high-quality sleep mask, support pillows, weighted blanket, aromatherapy diffuser, breathable maternity pajamas, or even a deliciously comfy robe can make nighttime more manageable.

Why we like it: A silk sleep mask works to prevent wrinkles while blocking out light, helping mom get a bit more rest in the morning, whenever possible. There’s also a wide range of support pillows perfect for postpartum aches and breastfeeding time.
Nervous or anxious moms might particularly benefit from a weighted blanket, giving the sensation of a deep and calming hug. Studies show they can reduce stress by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, which puts us in rest mode. This can help us release more melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep, decreasing nighttime wake-ups and the time it takes to fall asleep.

There are even systematic reviews showing that simple aromatherapy diffusers and essential oils can reduce stress, pain, anxiety, and improve sleep. Sleepwear and bedding fibers also play a role in impacting body temperature, comfort, and sleep quality.

Overall, anything that gives mom a better night’s sleep will always be appreciated.

Meal Delivery Services

An image of meals in a plate for Meal Delivery Services

Description: Find a meal delivery service aligned with your new mom’s meal and cooking preferences. You can purchase a gift card that covers anywhere from several weeks to months, or set up the delivery for them. There are plenty of choices, from ready-to-eat meals to services that send the exact ingredients needed for weekly recipes. You can also choose packages focused on whole foods, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or dairy-free.

Why we like it: We all know how common it is for new moms to feel too tired or like there’s not enough time to cook. With a meal delivery service, you can reduce one of everyone’s biggest struggles and answer the most-asked question around the world, “What’s for dinner?”

With a weekly service, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you’re helping mom get the nourishment she needs while eliminating one of the most time-consuming tasks of daily life. Even just thinking about what to cook or eat takes mental effort, and then there’s the planning, grocery shopping, and cooking.

This is a gift with wide-reaching time and energy-saving benefits, something moms can truly value.

Professional House Cleaning

An image of a woman washing dishes.

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Description: Purchasing a pack of at-home cleaning sessions or a gift card to a local house cleaning business offers much more than just a clean home. Experienced cleaners can take away the mundane, sometimes stressful, and often physically demanding tasks of keeping a home clean. From deep-cleaning options to managing daily tasks like sweeping and dishes, there’s a service to reduce the added stress and time it takes to keep the home clean.

Why we like it: Rarely does anyone pass up the opportunity to have someone else clean for them. New moms often feel overwhelmed thanks to a lack of sleep and the constant attention babies need. So adding never-ending laundry of baby clothes or bottle washing to regular housework and new baby care can easily feel like too much to manage. Help her take a load off by having someone else do the dirty work for her.

Any one of these five push present ideas will help make mom’s transition easier. They’re practical options that offer the gift of time, less stress, and more energy or time with her baby.

From the tech side, you have the scar and pain-relieving red light therapy device or the advanced and easy-to-use Elvie pump. The meal delivery, house cleaning service, and sleep aids also play a part in adding more comfort and rest.

In the end, these aren’t just gifts — they’re thoughtful investments toward the well-being of mom.

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