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The Healing Power of Near-Infrared Light: 11 Key Benefits

This article was written by Forrest Smith

In just a couple of decades, the advancements in light therapy have completely revolutionized the healthcare and wellbeing industries. 

With near-infrared light therapy benefits spanning pain relief, reduced inflammation, and even the possibility of a healthier and happier life, it’s easy to see why so many have turned to the healing magic of light.

And we’re not the first to recognize the incredible advantages either, as the Egyptians had the right idea when they began sun-worshiping practices, followed by the Greeks and Romans who built grand sun-drenched temples for rejuvenation.

Thankfully, you’ll no longer have to carve out stone and create beautiful temples to experience the power of healing. Instead, this holistic tool is now available to be used in your own home - showing just how far technology and society have come.

To delve further, we’ll shed light on its science, its transformative impact on overall wellness, and the near-infrared light therapy benefits.


What is Near-Infrared Light Therapy?


Near-infrared light therapy is a concentrated beam of light that can target specific areas of the body to provide energy to cells.

Near-infrared light is a wavelength located within the invisible spectrum. It’s the shortest infrared wavelength on the electromagnetic spectrum and usually includes wavelengths from 700 to 2500 nm. This spectrum is barely visible to the naked eye!

What makes this light therapy more effective than others is the ability to reach the cells in the best way. The longer the wavelength, the deeper the penetration to deliver energy to the cells. Once delivered, this stimulates healing, relieves pain, and activates all the benefits that near-infrared light is known for.


What is Near-Infrared Light Good For?



Near-infrared light is good for beauticians, sports therapists, athletes, people in the medical industry, gym-goes, and people who suffer from chronic pain.

Speaking specifically, it offers targeted relief, stimulates blood flow and energy production, and triggers the healing process to help damaged tissues repair themselves.

It’s not restricted to just one area either, as red light therapy-safe devices can be used on any body part. To access the harder-to-reach places, strap accessories can give you that extra help.


What are the Disadvantages of Near-Infrared Light Therapy?


Although near-infrared light therapy offers multiple benefits, addressing potential concerns is important. 

It’s a safe practice but must be used as directed. Overuse or improper application of light therapy can lead to adverse effects, so it’s important to follow the guidelines or consult a healthcare professional if you have further worries about your needs.

Keeping your eyes protected is also vital. The therapy may emit bright light, potentially harming your eyes if not shielded properly.


11 Key Near-Infrared Light Therapy Benefits


The power of near-infrared light therapy is expansive and as a result, it’s now being incorporated by medical professionals, athletes, and those with chronic pain into their daily schedules. Here are 11 near-infrared light therapy benefits:


1. Injury Recovery

Due to the increased cellular energy production, blood circulation, and enhanced collagen production, these aspects can aid injury recovery and help you get back fighting fit as soon as possible.

When there’s more energy production, your cells can function more efficiently, which is essential for repair and recovery. The blood circulation allows oxygen and nutrients to reach the damaged tissue too. This process should also rid your body of waste products and inflammatory substances, which expedite the healing process!

2. Surgery Recovery

The post-surgery journey is often challenging, but near-infrared light therapy can make it smoother as it aids in reducing pain and swelling, helping to expedite the recovery process.

3. Pain Management and Relief

Near-infrared light therapy is a winner for pain management and relief.  It promotes the release of endorphins, which are natural painkillers and improves blood flow to affected areas.

This is good for individuals with chronic pain, muscle soreness, discomfort or even those facing post-surgery or injury recovery.

4. Skincare Benefits

Near-infrared light therapy is a secret weapon for skincare enthusiasts. It’s been said to improve skin texture, reduce wrinkles, and promote a youthful complexion, which is why many skincare clinics offer some variations of light therapy in their practices.

5. Reduced Inflammation

This therapy reduces inflammation, a common culprit behind various health issues. By decreasing inflammation, it can alleviate pain and promote better overall health. 

For those who experience DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) after a challenging workout, near-infrared light is good for reducing inflammation, which is a common trigger for the pain that some of us encounter in the following days after going to the gym. 

6. Tissue Repair

Near-infrared light therapy has the remarkable ability to accelerate tissue repair.  It boosts cellular energy production, leading to faster healing of wounds, injuries, and surgical incisions. 

This can help athletes, gym goers, and others get back fighting fit after an injury.

7. Enhanced Circulation

By dilating blood vessels, this therapy enhances circulation, ensuring vital nutrients and oxygen reach every cell in the body.

8. Improved Mental Wellbeing

It's not just physical benefits; near-infrared light therapy can also contribute to mental wellbeing. It has been linked to improved mood and reduced symptoms of depression.

9. Wound Healing

Decades of studies and thought have gone into understanding the connection between light and wound healing. NASA even did its own extensive research, which found that high-intensity red and near-infrared light accelerated the healing of oxygen-deprived wounds.

10. Non-Invasive

This isn’t a surgery or a drug. Instead, it’s a non-invasive and typically safe (when used as directed) treatment that can be given through the use of devices, like the Kineon Move+ Pro.

11. Convenience

When you have a device like the above, these are designed for home use and can be easily incorporated into daily routines. You can target whichever area of the body that you’re looking for support with.


How to Choose a Near-Infrared Light Therapy Device


As the interest in near-infrared continues to grow, so does the amount of products available on the market.

This is why it’s imperative you understand what you’d like to get out of red light therapy and have some factors in place before committing to a red light therapy product.



Are you looking for something you can operate in your own home? Or do you want to travel to a medical clinic every time you’d like to achieve the benefits of near-infrared light therapy?

Many medical centers worldwide promote and carry out near-infrared light therapy, but it’ll cost you every time you want a session.

A device that can be used at home has been safely designed to help you get the best out of this light therapy without having to go into a white box of a clinic to see the results.

With Kineon, you get the best of both worlds. Our at-home device includes medical-grade laser technology, with optimal dosage already applied. This means you can have pain relief on the move, whenever you need it, not just when your next appointment is booked.



Like with any device that is used on your body, you should read through reviews and see how people in the industry perceive the brand and device.

This can be seen through third-party review sites, testimonials, or word of mouth.

At Kineon, we are trusted by top health experts and professional athletes, with the Move+ Pro’s quality recognized and relied upon by many. Our site has numerous testimonials from incredible athletes, competitors, nutritionists, and doctors.

8x CrossFit Games Athlete Brooke Wells said: “The MOVE+ has been very helpful in my healing and recovery process and to help with the demand I put my body through on a daily basis training for the CrossFit Games.

“I have minor tendonitis in my knee and have seen huge improvements. This device is going to be a game changer in the sport.”


Customer Service and Support

There’s nothing worse than buying a new device and being unable to use it because there are no clear instructions or clarity on certain questions.

When deciding which tool to buy, ensure that the company offers comprehensive support and customer service. An online help desk is most advantageous as you can troubleshoot any issues before chatting directly with the support team.

If the company you purchase from is hard to get a hold of, it can leave you scratching your head and unable to relieve your pain from the get-go.


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How Kineon is Levels Above the Rest


We focus on creating and providing the next generation of laser light technology, with the goal always being to help relieve joint pain, reduce inflammation, and stimulate the healing of damaged tissues. 

Our products are unique in quality, as we’re recognized and relied upon by distinguished healthcare professionals and elite athletes. 

The MOVE+ Pro is a portable red light therapy device that can help you wave goodbye to that frustrating joint pain as it offers targeted relief - our customers report an 80% reduction in pain within 1-4 weeks!

This medical-grade laser technology has been based on hundreds of successful clinical trials to make sure only the most effective wavelengths, dosage, and components are used. To see reviews, we have many on our homepage, from the very best in the business.

There’s an online help desk with further resources and questions on our homepage and access to our support team via chat box or email - whenever you need us!

For the curious, there’s a money-back guarantee, meaning you can try the device in the comfort of your own home for 30 days. If you’re unsatisfied with your results, we’ll refund you or provide further guidance.


Benefits of Light Therapy


Light therapy encompasses all the different forms - from near-infrared light therapy to red light.

Here are the main benefits that light therapy has to offer:

  • Wound healing
  • Tissue repair
  • Renews collagen
  • Has an anti-aging effect
  • Relieves pain
  • Can treat skin disorders like acne
  • It can be an effective treatment for eczema and psoriasis
  • Enhanced mental wellness
  • Balanced sleep patterns
  • Improved cognitive function

Light therapy’s radiant embrace can provide a transformative course to holistic well-being. 

Its impact is profound and far-reaching from physical rejuvenation to nurturing mental vitality.

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