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Join Kineon's Partner Program today and offer your patients a powerful and portable tool to reduce pain and inflammation. You'll see tangible improvements in healing while unlocking a steady stream of new income.

Treat chronic pain, inflammation, and more with the power of Photobiomodulation

Help your clients during and between sessions. Kineon's portable red light and laser therapy device - the MOVE+ Pro - is scientifically proven to treat pain, reduce inflammation, spark collagen production, and reduce recovery time. See incredible results for:

Back Pain

Muscle Tears

Frozen Joints

Chronic Pain


Earn an extra $1,000/month with no risk or upfront costs

Help your business grow at the same time as you help your patients. As a Kineon Health Partner, you can sell the MOVE+ Pro device to your patients for a reduced price AND earn an additional 20% on every device sold. Unlock an extra $1,000 - $3,000/month in new revenue.

Charge patients for in-clinic use, or send them home with a device of their own. Either way, they heal and you earn.

Combine the MOVE+ Pro with existing treatments

Combining the MOVE+ Pro's red light therapy benefits with other treatments speeds up recovery and offers a convenient and portable option to reduce inflammation and pain between sessions. Use it before treatment to prime healing in injured areas, and after treatment to reduce swelling. Studies show pairing Red Light Therapy with manual manipulation, massage, and deep tissue therapies improves outcomes.

Combines well with:



Activator Tool

Needling / MIT

Red Light Panels

“Kineon's cutting edge red light therapy technology has been a great addition to my business. My patients have significantly reduced their recovery time and I've earned a new income channel. My in-clinic treatments are infinitely more effective because my patients can use their MOVE+ Pro at home or on the road to reduce inflammation and heal at a cellular level.”

Dr Mike Lynch

Reduce chronic pain and support healing in as little as 5 minutes

With over 6,000 studies, we know red light therapy works. First, MOVE+ Pro triggers the release of nitric oxide which increases blood circulation into the joints and tissues. This helps to decrease inflammation by firing up your body's natural self-healing process.

Stimulates Healing at a
Cellular Level

The MOVE+ Pro's precise light pulsation stimulates:

  • Blood flow
  • Energy production in the mitochondria
  • Collagen and cartilage production
  • The body's natural processes

Targeted Dosing for
Improved Results

Backed by scientific research, the MOVE+ Pro uses 660 and 810 wavelength technology and controlled light pulsation for the most effective treatment and results

Laser and LED

The MOVE+ Pro uses both LED & laser technology–directly penetrating the source of pain, both at the surface and in the deep tissue

Portable and
Hands - Free

Carefully designed to be portable and hands-free, give your patients significant relief from pain and inflammation whenever and wherever they need it - without paying tens of thousands of dollars.

Trusted by 25,000 Users and Top Health Practitioners

Join 25,000 members and leading health professionals already using Kineon to live pain-free.

Brook Wells Top 10 Crossfit Athlete Worldwide

"This device is a game-changer. Kineon's Move+ has been very helpful in my healing and recovery. I've used it on my Tendonitis and have seen huge improvements. I recommend it to everyone."

Dr. Garrett Brown Chiropractor,
Active Health Clinic

"The Move+ is now my go-to device for patient recovery. It's excellent for reducing inflammation and speeding up tissue healing. It's a must-have for any health practitioner looking to improve recovery times."

Dr. Kelly Stone Doctor of Physical Therapy & Crossfit Athlete

"The MOVE+ is a phenomenal tool that allows me to train harder and recover faster. I've reduced pain and improved my mobility. I love that I can use it on the go and take it with me to training or use it in my practice. I've incorporated it into my daily routine and recommend it to patients.”

Ben Greenfield Biohacker, Fitness Trainer & Best Selling Author

"I use the Move+ every day, and it's incredible. It improves ATP production, allowing real healing to take place. The MOVE+ Pro gives the advantage of both LED and Lasers to increase blood flow and penetrate deep into the joints. I recommend it for anyone looking to improve healing."

Help your patients today without any upfront costs

You don't need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get your patients the relief and deep tissue healing they're looking for. Kineon's unique, hands free MOVE+ Pro device offers both LED and laser technology to reach the deep tissue pain sources. You pay $0 upfront and earn a commission on every sale.

Try Kineon yourself and start the journey from Pain to Possible

As a health care professional, we’re confident you’ll fall in love with Kineon. Book a call today to see how Kineon can help your patients and help grow your revenue. Qualified professionals get a free trial device for yourself!

Trusted by 25,000 Users and Top Health Practitioners

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How does Kineon’s Move+ Pro Work?

Kineon's Move+ Pro pulsates red light LEDs and infrared lasers at specific frequencies to promote the body's natural healing processes. It reduces inflammation and helps heal damaged cells by:  

  • Enhancing blood flow  
  • Boosting energy production (ATPs) 
  • Increasing collagen production 
  • Improving mitochondrial health. 


Kineon's Move+ Pro is the only portable, at-home, red light therapy device that uses LED and Laser technology to help heal surface tissues while also treating deep tissue injuries and joint pain.  

Can I try it out for free?

Absolutely. We want you to see the results for yourself and your patients. Book a call today and talk with our partnership team. Qualified health professionals will get a free device to try for themselves. There are no upfront costs or risks. If you don't like the product, you can keep it at no cost.  

Your customers will also receive a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can be confident they are getting the treatment they need. 

What kind of pain can the MOVE+ Pro help with?

Move+ Pro effectively treats a wide range of acute and chronic conditions, providing relief for back pain, arthritis, joint stiffness, muscle tears, inflammation, and more.  

 It can be used on all parts of the body, including the back, knees, shoulders, hips, ankles, wrists, and more. Join more than 20,000 Kineon users who are already experiencing the difference.  

 Laser therapy has proven results for... 

Back Pain  
Rheumatoid arthritis⁠ 
Frozen Joints  
Muscle Tears 
Chronic pain 
Cartilage damage 
Acute injuries (MCL, ACL) 
Carpal tunnel 
Osgood Schlatter Gout 
Tennis/golfer's elbow 
Recovery after surgery 
Anxiety & depression 
Gut issues⁠  

and much more… 

Does the Move+ Pro use LEDs and Lasers?

Yes! Kineon's Move+ Pro is the only portable, at-home, red light therapy device that integrates both LED and Laser technologies.  

Most at-home devices only use LEDs, which means you won't be able to get light deep into your tissues or joints. More intense clinic-grade lasers can only be operated by a trained technician and can cost $60k- $100k 

Kineon Move+ Pro Specs:  


8 x 660nm deep red LEDs per module  

10 x 808nm Infrared lasers per module    


Infrared lasers (class 1): 5mW per laser diode, 50mW per module  

Deep red LEDs: 80mW per emission area  


Read more on our technical specs page.  

How long does a treatment take?

For optimal results, we recommend using the Move+ Pro for 5 - 15 minutes/day on the affected area. Patients can use it at home between sessions to help significantly reduce their inflammation and pain. 

 Consistency is key! Doing a short treatment each day will be more effective than doing longer sessions sporadically. Most customers see results in 1-2 weeks on average, but some notice the difference even after just one session!  

 For areas with less tissue and blood flow, such as wrists and ankles, it may take slightly longer to see results (3-4 weeks).  

Can Kineon be used with other treatments?

Absolutely! Kineon's Move+ device works wonders on its own but has also been seen to improve outcomes when stacked with other treatments, including manual adjustments, shockwave therapy, needling/ MIT, and more.  

 Kineon's Move+ Pro is an excellent addition to your current treatment protocols and will significantly help your patients at-home between sessions.  

 If you have any questions on a specific treatment plan or injury protocol, book a call, and we'll be happy to answer them.  

Is this device backed by science?

 Yes! Clinical research has exploded over the last 5 years, with over 6,000 scientific studies showing the positive impact of using photobiomodulation (red light therapy). 

Book a call today, and we can send you the science to review yourself.  

How is it different from other devices/treatments?

Kineon's Move+ Pro is the only portable, at-home, red light therapy device that uses BOTH LED and Laser technology to help heal surface tissues while also treating deep tissue injuries and joint pain - AND without the $60k-$100k price tag.

Red Light Beds:  

Typical red light therapy beds can cost between $60k-$100k. They are great for full-body treatments, weight loss, and skin conditions. They typically only use LEDs, so you won't get the targeted deep tissue and joint penetration you will with Kineon's Move+ Pro. Kineon is the only portable at-home device that uses both LED and laser technology and is a fraction of the cost at $500 USD.  

Class and 4 Lasers:  

Class 3 and 4 lasers can be great for in-clinic use. However, they can only be used by a certified technician and can't be used at home for consistent daily treatment. Kineon's Move+ Pro also provides a more even dosage of light between both surface tissues and deep tissues.  

Red Light Panels: 

Red light panels can improve overall mood and some skin conditions; however, the results of these panels are typically lower because they do not get close enough to the skin or tissues to make an impact. They also only use LED lights.

How do I join the partner program and start earning?

Joining Kineon's Partner program is easy. Book a call today to learn more to speak to our partner team. Qualified partners will receive a free device to try firsthand. There are no risks or upfront costs. If you don't see results, you can keep the device and won't be charged.  

After your 30-day trial, we'll give you and your patients preferred pricing, and you'll earn revenue on every device sold. There are no obligations, and you can choose to leave the program at any time.

How much can I earn?

The sky is the limit. The more patients that buy a device, the more people you'll help and the more you'll earn. Unlock a new revenue stream and earn an additional $500-$5000/ month! 

Frequently Asked Questions

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