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Kineon MOVE+ Pro

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Our core mission is to empower the largest number of people we can, to make the most measurable improvements possible to their health and quality of life.

To do this we have created a cost-effective, functional, and accessible light therapy solution, that is not another temporary band-aid but a genuine shift in how we approach pain relief.

We're inviting you to be a part of this journey and share in the success of a product that is transforming the way we approach chronic pain.

Trusted by top health experts & professional athletes.

Brooke Wells CrossFit athlete wearing the MOVE+

Brooke Wells

8 x CrossFit Games Athlete


"The MOVE+ has been very helpful in my healing and recovery process and to help with the demand I put my body through on a daily basis training for the CrossFit Games. I have minor tendonitis in my knee, and have seen huge improvements. This device is going to be a game changer in the sport.”

Sara CrossFit athlete wearing the MOVE+

Sara Sigmundsdóttir

6 x CrossFit Games Athlete


"After two weeks of using the MOVE+ I felt a huge difference. And I just love how simple it is. Knee flexion has always been very challenging for me after my ACL tear. All of a sudden I was able to bend down in a squat without thinking about it. I'm very excited to start the season with this in my back pocket."

Brooke Wells CrossFit athlete wearing the MOVE+

Ben Greenfield

Biohacker, nutritionist, physiologist, fitness coach, bestselling author


"I used the MOVE+ on my knee to help me recover from my recent stem cell procedure, and it was a huge game-changer in my path to full recovery. So many applications and a fantastic tool for any biohacker or athlete or anyone else who wants to harness the power of red light!"

Brooke Wells CrossFit athlete wearing the MOVE+

Nik Jordan

Physio to professional CrossFit athletes - Momentum Therapy & Rehab


"As a Medical Practitioner & Rehab Coach, I am always striving to work on the underlying mechanical root cause of a dysfunction and its knock-on effects. The most palpable & almost immediate effect of the MOVE+ can be felt with achy & stiff joints. The movements feel smoother and more fluid after a few applications."

Brooke Wells CrossFit athlete wearing the MOVE+

Emily Rolfe

4 x CrossFit Games Athlete


"Since I’ve been using the MOVE+ laser therapy just 15 minutes nightly, many of my nagging injuries have virtually gone away. I don’t understand why any athlete wanting to be at the top of their sport would not add the MOVE+ to their recovery protocol."

Brooke Wells CrossFit athlete wearing the MOVE+

Dr Mike Lynch

Chiropractor & Owner - 
Adio Health Chiropractic


"I love the MOVE+ for my patients, especially for the design of it and how it fits perfectly around joints. I also appreciate the ease of traveling with it without having to plug it in to use it. It has provided another level of value to our care here at the office!”

Brooke Wells CrossFit athlete wearing the MOVE+

Sam Dancer

6 x CrossFit Games Athlete, 2 x Team


"I’ve used $30-$60k class 4 lasers, $5000 Red Light panels and yet the MOVE+ is my preferred and most used product. The MOVE+ has completely replaced my need for Ibuprofen. I attribute a great deal of my ability to heal so rapidly from a full bicep rupture surgery to the MOVE+. In 6 months I went from surgery to being ranked the fittest 35-39 year old in the world."

Brooke Wells CrossFit athlete wearing the MOVE+

Dr Garrett Brown

Chiropractor, Active Health Clinic


"The MOVE+ is my go to device for recovery. It is an excellent tool for reducing inflammation and speeding up tissue healing. I’ve been using this device for the past month in my office and my patients are feeling the healing power. The hands-free strap makes it easy for me to have patients use the MOVE+ while I adjust them. If you’re looking to optimize your recovery time this is a must-have!"

Over 12,000 life-changing results.

Invest in the future of pain relief.

Join the movement that is helping transform the lives of millions of people in pain.

MOVE+ pro device

Our Cre Values.


Movement is the key to any recovery process and our team delves into the most efficient ways of moving to repair injured areas.

Scientific Rigor

All of our products are developed based on the latest scientific research. Infrared technology is a vibrant and evolving field that is currently experiencing a revolution

Tech Focus

Our products employ the latest technology in lasers and leds, to bring you the most advanced form of healing in the market.

Our Vision is to
Empower you.

We started this company with a vision ‘to positively impact the largest number of people in the most impactful & meaningful way.'

Our company is made up of world class team of individuals that care passionately to bring high quality products to the world to help improve the quality of life. And it's time those products helped you get back on your feet and enjoying life again. 


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