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How Dangerous Is Red Light Therapy?

This article was written by Elise Burchett

Red light therapy (RLT), also known as low-level light therapy (LLLT), is a type of light therapy that uses red or near-infrared light to treat various conditions and stimulate healing.

Sometimes called photobiomodulation (PBM), red light therapy is a non-invasive, drug-free treatment that is said to offer a wide range of benefits.

But with so many potential benefits to RLT – including reducing inflammation and pain, improving sleep quality, and increasing energy levels – is red light therapy really safe? Here’s what you need to know…


Is Red Light Therapy Scientifically Supported?

First things first, let’s dispel any rumors that red light therapy is some kind of pseudoscience.

While there isn’t enough scientific evidence to support all of the benefits claimed for RLT, there is more than enough evidence to support its use for certain conditions – from healing injuries and reducing inflammation to stimulating collagen production and improving skin conditions like acne and eczema.

There have been hundreds of studies conducted on red light therapy and its various benefits – so you can feel completely confident in a scientifically proven treatment option that can offer you real results.

For example, a study conducted by the University of Medical Sciences, Tehran showed that patients who received Low-Level Laser Treatment had a reduction in pain by about half while there was virtually no change in the control group that received no treatment. (1)

Another study conducted by Harvard Medical School looked at the use of red light therapy for the treatment of brain disorders like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. The results were overwhelmingly positive with findings that RLT can treat traumatic diseases (like strokes and traumatic brain injuries), and neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases (such as anxiety and depression). (2)

So, while more research needs to be done to explore all of the potential benefits of red light therapy, there is plenty of scientific evidence to prove that it’s not only safe but highly effective too.


Is Red Light Therapy Safe To Use Daily?

Unlike many popular pain treatments, such as painkillers and surgery, there are no known negative side effects of using red light therapy!

Because there are no negative side effects, many people feel that it is the perfect treatment for chronic pain.

With more and more research coming out about the dangers of long-term use of painkillers, red light therapy is becoming an increasingly popular treatment option.

In fact, many people find that RLT is even more effective than traditional treatments when it comes to reducing pain, and inflammation, and speeding up the healing process.

Because of the lack of side effects, red light therapy is also safe to use on a daily basis!

We recommend using it for between 5-15 minutes per day for the first 30 days. This will allow you to see the full benefits of using red light therapy for pain relief and recovery.

So, if you’re looking for a safe and effective way to treat chronic pain, or want to speed up your recovery after a hard workout or injury, red light therapy, (especially our Knee+) is a great option to consider!


Is It Safe To Use Red Light Therapy On All Body Parts?

Yes, red light therapy is perfectly safe to use on any area of the body! You can use it on your head, neck, back, feet, and even your hands.

Our Knee+ device comes with a strap for, you guessed it, using on your knee… However, because it’s made up of three individual units that can be used separately, you can target any other areas as well too like your elbow or shoulder with ease!

And because each unit of the Knee+ fits comfortably in your hand, it’s easy to hold or cup over any area that you need to target!


Is It Safe To Use Red Light Therapy When Pregnant?

When you’re pregnant, it’s important to be extra careful about anything that you put into (or onto!) your body, so you may be wondering whether red light therapy is safe to use during pregnancy…

Thankfully, red light therapy is a perfectly safe and effective way to treat pain and inflammation during pregnancy!

In fact, many pregnant women find that red light therapy helps to ease the aches and pains associated with pregnancy, as well as aid in the healing process.

Not only that but because the use of painkillers is not recommended during pregnancy, red light therapy is a great alternative for pain relief.

Here’s what our co-founder Tom had to say:

During 2021/22, my wife was pregnant with our second child. During her first pregnancy four years earlier, she experienced sciatica-like hip pain for several weeks. This time around, she experienced the same sensation.

As we had a prototype product, we were able to use it for 2 sessions per day for around 10 minutes, and the pain started to reduce within 2 days!

After 4 or 5 days, it had completely disappeared, never to return!

It’s not clear if it was all down to the device or not, but we firmly believe that the device helped with the overall therapy routine as a supporting aspect promoting wellness in the targeted area.

As my wife gave a caesarean birth, we were able to use the Knee+ on the scar area and she walked out of hospital after just 1 night and was able to stand up straight within 48 hours – which is not often the case, as we were told…


What Other Things Should You Consider Before Using Red Light Therapy?

If you’re considering using red light therapy to treat pain or inflammation, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Firstly, make sure to choose a device that emits red and near-infrared light, as this is the most effective wavelength for reducing pain and inflammation. The wavelengths you’re looking for are: 660nm and 808nm.

Secondly, be sure to use the device consistently and for the recommended amount of time to see the best results. Thankfully, you’ll only need around 5-15 minutes per day to see the full benefits of red light therapy!

Last but not least, make sure you purchase a red light device from a reputable supplier, as there are many fake devices on the market.

Often, companies will claim that their devices emit red and near-infrared light when in reality they only emit visible red light, which are the type of devices that are mainly used for growing plants!

Not only are these devices ineffective for treating pain, but you’re also not a plant, they’re not going to help you grow or recover.

Here at Kineon (formerly Reviiv Light), our mission is to help the largest number of people live happier, healthier lives by providing safe and effective treatments for pain management.

Our devices employ cutting-edge technology in lasers and LEDs, to bring you the most advanced form of healing on the market – enhanced light therapy.

All of our products are developed based on the latest scientific research. Infrared technology is a vibrant and evolving field that is currently experiencing a revolution, and the Kineon team are proud to be leading the charge!

In fact, we have so much confidence in our products, that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our devices.

If you use the Move+ for 30 days (with consistent daily usage) and don’t get the results you’re looking for, simply send it back and we’ll refund you in full.

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