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Explaining Red Light Therapy and Safety in Pregnancy

While light has been used as a healing technique for centuries, the use of red light therapy is still a fairly new phenomenon - one that has caught the attention of athletes, skincare enthusiasts, and everyday people due to its ability to catalyze cell regeneration and encourage healing in the body.

The versatility of this form of therapy has been favored by medical professionals worldwide too, making its benefits attractive to a range of groups. One of which is people who are pregnant.

Red light therapy can help soothe the pregnancy journey as it can manage aches and pains effectively and reduce inflammation.

Let’s take a look at the link between red light therapy and safety in pregnancy…


Is it safe to use red light therapy in pregnancy?


The good news is that studies have shown low-level laser therapy to have no risk to the mother or baby during pregnancy!

In fact, not only has it been shown not to cause risk, a 2022 study claims that red light therapy can go further and, in fact, improve the experience of pregnant people, especially in relation to reducing the chances of late-onset preeclampsia.

Red light therapy is completely painless and non-invasive, so while the wavelengths are penetrating below your skin and boosting a series of natural processes, you won’t feel a thing.


Why would you use red light therapy when pregnant?


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There are several reasons a soon-to-be parent might consider using red light therapy. In relation specifically to pregnancy, they might explore this treatment for internal side effects such as back pain, leg pain/cramping, stomach pain, and indigestion.

Externally, red light therapy can also be used for reducing swelling and reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.

It could also be that they’re using red light therapy for unrelated reasons, even pre-existing or long-term conditions, such as chronic pain or specific injury in one area.

Roughly 20% of pregnant people are said to experience anxiety (as of 2019) and 20% experience depression (as of 2013). Red light therapy is a treatment option for some such mental health conditions.

Though best used after consultation with a medical professional, this could prove incredibly helpful for conditions like anxiety and depression during pregnancy and after, e.g. postnatal conditions.


Benefits of Red Light Therapy During Pregnancy


 When pregnant, you should always consult with your medical provider when eager to try different therapies and treatments. Once you’re given the go-ahead with red light therapy, you can start to integrate this into your daily life and use it long after birth too.

Manages Aches and Pains

Unfortunately, pain is a common part of the pregnancy experience. In fact, more than 90% of people claim to experience pain at some point during pregnancy.

Common aches and pains (from head to toe) include:
  • Headache - can be treated with compresses and/or over-the-counter (OTT) medication
  • Backache - can be treated with physical therapy and/or RLT
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome (i.e. in the wrist) - can be treated with splints, injections, and/or RLT
  • Breast pain - can be treated with topical nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs)
  • Abdominal aches, pains, and cramps - can be treated with over-the-counter (OTT) medication and (sometimes) RLT
  • Hip pain and, specifically, hip bursitis - can be treated with physical therapy and exercises, medication and RLT
  • Varicose veins - can be treated with compression and RLT
  • Cramping in the legs and feet - can be treated with massage, compression, and RLT

Red light therapy works to help ease pain by the wavelengths stimulating the production of nitric oxide which helps to dilate blood vessels.

When vessels are dilated, circulation is increased so more oxygen and nutrients can be delivered to the painful area. These nutrients aid the healing process and reduce inflammation.

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Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is kick started too. The boost of ATP (the energy currency of cells) means the repair and regeneration of damaged tissues can begin more quickly.

And while the painful areas are being repaired, the wavelengths influence the activity of muscle cells which can have a relaxing effect.

Reduces Inflammation

Red and near-infrared light is a great treatment for inflammation.

Inflammation comes and goes at different points of the 9 months of pregnancy. In particular, “the first trimester of pregnancy is a pro-inflammatory phase”, meaning a time period when you’re more likely to experience inflammation.

Red light therapy can alleviate this by stimulating circulation in the area, encouraging blood flow to damaged body tissue, and helping to flood out natural toxins too.



Treatments Can Be Done From the Comfort of Your Own Home

For obvious reasons, pregnancy affects mobility and speed of movement.

We mostly think about the physical change in body shape and its effect on posture and gait, easiest to picture when you imagine a fetus at 40 weeks is roughly the size of a small pumpkin.

However, pregnant people are estimated to gain roughly 22-28 pounds (approx. 10-13 kilograms) in weight, which is distributed between the back, legs, and feet.

What is fantastic about red light therapy is that it can be accessed from your own home, on your terms. You don’t have to travel across the state to access the treatment, as you can have it all on hand.

Whether you choose to try a stationary red light panel emitter or a more adaptable, wearable set of module emitters, red light therapy is perhaps the most flexible treatment option out there.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Red Light Therapy During Pregnancy


An image of a woman pregnant with red light therapy device from Kineon.

Now we’ve established that red light therapy is not only safe but a helpful treatment for pregnancy, it’s time to delve into the best ways to use it.


Stay Regular and Consistent With Treatments

When starting with red light therapy, it’s important to start small and slowly build up while your body adjusts.

Initial treatment lengths might be 10 minutes maximum, gradually building to 20 minutes in length. As you get more comfortable and confident with the technology, treatment frequency should increase slowly from 3x sessions up to 5x weekly.

What shouldn’t change, however, is your commitment to treatment. While pregnant, life can quickly become busy and schedules and habits changed and lost. While some flex is possible in red light therapy treatment, consistency is key for achieving the best results.


Use the Device Before a Gentle Exercise

The optimum time to use your red light therapy device is before exercise to prevent injury.

For hardcore gym-goers, it’s also recommended that you apply red light therapy after exercise to aid recovery, though pregnant people should always proceed cautiously with exercise, so this second piece of guidance won’t apply to the majority.


Implement Red Light Therapy Amongst Other Techniques

If pregnant, you should follow the advice of your doctor and healthcare provider first and foremost.

Let them know you’re eager to introduce red light therapy into your plan and carry on with their other recommended treatments at the same time.


Try Red Light Therapy Risk-Free During Your Pregnancy

Here at Kineon, we value our customers and want to share the magic of red light therapy with as many people as possible. That’s why we have a 30-day money-back guarantee on our MOVE+ Pro device.

Why not pop one in your basket, give our product a try and tell us what you think? If it’s not for you, we’ll give you your money back.

There’s also a wealth of information and reviews available on our YouTube channel. Check it out!

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