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Recover Faster From
Crossfit with the Move+

Non-invasive, red light therapy is the pain relief you’ve been looking for.

Pain-free in just 15 minutes

**Over 5,000+ devices shipped world wide…& counting!

Travis Mayer

8x CrossFit Athlete & Entrepreneur

Clinical level pain relief
 from $47/month

Money back guarantee
30-day at-home trial

Worldwide tracked

1 year warranty included
 with every device

The Best Recovery for Crossfit Athletes

The Best Recovery for Crossfit Athletes


With regular treatments, you’ll experience a rapid improvement in your recovery through a reduction in inflammation and stimulation in collagen production.


With the MOVE+ you can feel the effects with just one session. The combination of red light and infrared penetrates the skin, increases blood flow and eases pain.


Get back on your feet and start moving again with the MOVE+ targeted laser therapy, which is a perfect complement to any recovery protocol.

It worked

 for them…

M Kummer

CrossFit Athlete
(Shoulder Pain)


Erik Hinman

Endurance Athlete, 5x Ironman
(Shoulder Pain)


David Melville

Crossfit Coach
(Discomfort of Hernia Surgery)



Professional US Soccer Player
(Everyday Fast recovery)

Get Your Own Move+ Today
To Supercharge Your Performance!

Take back the ease of movement with

The MOVE+ LED & Laser

Get your own Move+ today to supercharge your performance!

The MOVE+ LED & Laser
The MOVE+ LED & Laser
The MOVE+ LED & Laser
The MOVE+ LED & Laser
The MOVE+ LED & Laser
The MOVE+ LED & Laser
The MOVE+ LED & Laser
The MOVE+ LED & Laser
The MOVE+ LED & Laser
The MOVE+ LED & Laser
The MOVE+ LED & Laser
The MOVE+ LED & Laser
The MOVE+ LED & Laser
The MOVE+ LED & Laser

Take back the ease of movement with

The MOVE+ LED & Laser


Kineon Move+ Laser & LED therapy is the portable red light therapy device for pain relief.

The same scientifically proven safe methods are no longer just in physio clinics.

More effective than massage or ice and has none of the side effects of pain meds.

Risk Free: 30 days at-home trial

Worldwide tracked shipping

1 Year warranty

Spread the cost with  

How Red Light Therapy
Sports Performance

Our Move+ device uses both LED lights AND medical-grade laser technology, to boost your performance, and support your recovery!

When combined with exercise, red and near-infrared light makes a powerful combination that :

Increases Muscle Gain

Fat Loss


Strength and Endurance

Most red light therapies use only wide angle LED light.

Our optimal laser wavelengths and focused lasers are up to 60% more effective than LED only based products.

How To Use Red Light Therapy 

Now that we have a better understanding of how red light therapy can improve sports performance, let’s look at the best ways to use it to get the best results…

Before Workouts

Give yourself a good dose of red light therapy before your workout to help mitigate the damage of working out.

This is best for high-intensity workouts like crossfit and powerlifting because it helps prevent muscle fatigue and lactic acid buildup in the muscles.

Provides Fast Relief, Where You Need it







After Workouts

Immediately after a workout is a perfect time to apply red light therapy because it accelerates muscle recovery and reduces soreness and fatigue.

It’s also a great way to help reduce DOMS after a particularly hard workout.

Words of Relief

It’s no wonder why the Move+ is a top choice for Olympic athletes, world-class Crossfitters, and MMA fighters who want an edge over the competition!

“My name is Travis Mayer. I am a 8X CrossFit Games athlete, husband and a father of four incredible children. My day-to-day training is very intensive and I am spending 6-8 hours inside the gym with many more outside to get 1% better everyday. Using the Kineon Move+ red light therapy unit has shown me new ways to recover faster, speed up the injury process, create better joint health and it’s super easy to use.

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Michael Kummer

8x CrossFit Athlete & Entrepreneur(Speed Recovery)

My name is Emily Rolfe and I am a 4 time CrossFit games athlete. As a competitive games athlete, I am always looking for that extra edge in my recovery so I can push myself to the max in training. Since I’ve been using Kineon Move+ laser therapy just 15 minutes nightly, many of my nagging injuries have virtually gone away. It’s an easy addition to my recovery and it sets me up for success!

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Emily Rolfe

4 time CrossFit games athlete
(Injury Pains)

I first used the Move+ because of my knee pain. When I saw results for pain relief and increased range of motion I started to use on my elbows and wrists as well. Thank you Move+, you have been a game changer for my training!

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Onur Deyirmenci

Specialist Medical Fitness Trainer
(Knee Pain)

Why Move+?

Enhanced Light therapy is now available in your home. Think of the money (and time) you’ll save on appointments and pain medication. 

Industry Leading Technology

Joint-Level Treatments

A Fraction of the Cost (Save $100+)

Lasers to Treat Internal Tissues

Backed by 6,000+ Clinical Trials


Other Laser Treatments

Inconsistent & Ineffective Dosing = Poor Outcomes

LED only, Not Designed For Internal Use

Competitor Products Starting at $1,000s

Surface Level Treatments

Backed by science

The Move+ tech is supported by over 6,000+ clinical trials.There’s no other similar device that’s as effective as the Move+.

Portable design

Take the Move+ anywhere you go. Use it at the gym, at home or on the move..

Quick treatment

Each session only takes 15 minutes. So you can spend less time on recovery and more time doing what you love.

Trusted by the pros

The Move+ is used by top professional Crossfitters like Travis Mayer to radically reduce their recovery time.

Forrest Smith - Man Behind

Nerdy brain behind Kineon Move+, Forrest has worked in led light technology for the last 15 years and is a cross fitter himself. 

"Our mission is getting you back on your feet and moving again. Our mission is to help the largest number of people live happier, healthier lives by providing safe and effective treatments for pain management. We believe that we all deserve the chance to be our best selves, no matter what life throws at us."

Everyone Loves Move+ and You Can Try it Risk Free!

Everyone Loves Move+ and You Can Try it Risk Free!

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