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The MOVE+ Pro LED & Laser

Reduce Knee Pain In Just One Use


The MOVE+ Pro is a safe, non-invasive, enhanced light therapy device specially engineered to enhance movement and relieve knee and joint pain.

  • Risk Free: 30 day at-home trial
  • Wave goodbye to knee inflammation & pain
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With its advanced technology, MOVE+ Pro offers targeted relief to your knee and joints, helping to reduce inflammation and ease pain. 

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Portable Design

Find fast relief whenever and wherever you feel pain and inflammation. In the car, on the couch or on-the-go.

How Laser Therapy helps with knee injury...



Pain scores were reduced significantly in the 4th, 5th, and 10th sessions and remained lower 6 weeks post therapy in the treatment group when compared to the placebo group. Moreover, the treatment group's results were improved in QOL questionnaires score, dopamine level, and in microcirculation. 


ACL Injury

Initial signs of tissue degradation were observed in CG. Furthermore, laser phototherapy was able of modulating some of the aspects related to the degenerative process, such as the prevention of proteoglycans loss and the increase in cartilage area. However, LLLT was not able of modulating chondrocytes proliferation and the immunoexpression of markers related to inflammatory process (IL-1 and MMP-13). This study showed that 808 nm laser, at both fluences, prevented features related to the articular degenerative process in the knees of rats after ACLT. 



A PBM single dose irradiation may improve motor performance and there is specificity of the irradiated muscle group, although it does not depend on the movement.


Muscle Growth

Subjects from [training + LLLT group] reached significantly higher percent changes compared to subjects from [training group] for sum of muscles' thicknesses (15.4 vs. 9.4%), isometric peak torque (20.5 vs. 13.7%), and eccentric peak torque (32.2 vs. 20.0%).



The results showed no difference in the slope comparing placebo LLLT and active LLLT groups (p = 0.293). However, a significant difference was observed in the number of repetitions between groups, after active LLLT, subjects demonstrated significantly higher number of repetitions (p = 0.047). In this study, LLLT was efficient in increasing the mean number of repetitions during knee flexion-extension exercise, although results have not shown delay electromyographic fatigue. 


General Pain

Our results demonstrate that phototherapy significantly decreased pain (p < 0.05) from 10th treatment to follow-up assessments and significantly improved (p < 0.05) SF-36® physical component summary at post treatments and follow-up assessments compared to placebo. We conclude that combination of super-pulsed laser, red and infrared LEDs is effective to decrease pain and improve quality of life in patients with knee pain.



A higher ROM was observed with the LLLT group at all follow-ups except at the 12-month follow-up (3-month ROM: 116.8° vs 104.0° vs 92.3°; P < .001). The knee swelling at 3 months was similar between the LLLT and light groups (2.1 cm), which was lower than that in controls (2.1 cm, P < .001). Furthermore, visual analog scale pain decreased more in the LLLT group than in other groups (8.5 vs 7.2 vs 6.0 points) at 3 months (P = .04) but was similar at 12 months (P > .05). Also, the LLLT group consumed fewer opiate painkillers during the first month (48.3 vs 60.3 mg of oxycodone, P = .02). In the LLLT group, the KSS at 3 and 12 months and the KSS function score at 3 months exceeded minimally clinically important differences (P < .05).



The pain decreased approximately by 65 % 4 weeks after LLLT and by 22 % in the placebo group. Treatment with LLLT was associated with a significant decrease of symptoms compared to the placebo group: it should be considered in patients with meniscal tears who do not wish to undergo surgery.


Bone Health

“Recent studies support it’s effectiveness in various areas such as wound healing, skin rejuvenation, and pain alleviation. In this study, we treated facial bone fracture patients with LED-based Low Level Laser Therapy and showed it’s effectiveness in reducing posttraumatic edema”

"The MOVE+ Pro gives me the freedom to train hard, and repair quicker. I’m able to see benefits during each run, with the knowledge that my cells are repairing faster and more efficiently than they would before using Kineon. It’s a dream! Since using the MOVE+ Pro I’ve felt an improved difference in my day to day mobility and pain.

It’s technology of the future. Everyone will use this one day, and not just for sport! Brilliant piece of kit that can fit in your pocket and only takes 5 minutes to use! Ideal!"

Nick Butter

British Endurance Athlete & World Record Holder.

Designed for use across multiple joints.

In a single 5 minute session, MOVE+ Pro activates increases blood flow, reducing inflammation and pain — our customers report an 80% reduction in pain within 1-4 weeks.


Neck Pain & Injuries

Shoulder Pain & Injuries

Elbow Pain & Injuries

Back Pain & Injuries

Ankle Pain & Injuries

Head Pain & Injuries

Hip Pain & Injuries

Full Knee Coverage

The 3 MOVE+ Pro modules deliver medical-grade light therapy throughout your entire knee, reducing pain and improving movement.

Recover like a professional athlete

The MOVE+ Pro is loved by some of the world's top athletes. The device has helped them recover faster, reduce pain and inflammation, and offer treatments on-the-go.

"MOVE+ Pro allows me to optimize recovery and injury treatment without having to invest time (that I’d rather spend with family). So it gives me the freedom to spend more time with loved ones (as opposed to on traditional treatment options)"

Michael Kummer
Former professional 100m sprinter, CrossFitter, Biohacker

"Usually, my knees feel much more restricted. I've got rugby knees. Bad fluid build up. I've been using codeine and naproxen to manage the pain and over the last few days I haven't even touched the pills. There's definitely been a difference. It feels amazing."

Matthew Wilson
Olympic Athlete


The MOVE+ Pro decreases inflammation and stimulates collagen production.


Deep heat penetrates the skin, relaxing muscles and improves blood flow.


Start moving freely again and get back to doing the things you love and enjoy.


The portable design means pain relief is always at hand whenever you need it.

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The MOVE+ Pro Laser

Industry leading red light therapy, in a portable device.


The MOVE+ Pro is a safe, non-invasive, enhanced light therapy device specially engineered to enhance movement and relieve knee and joint pain.

  • Risk Free: 30-day at-home trial
  • Wave goodbye to inflammation & injury
  • Worldwide tracked shipping

With its advanced technology, MOVE+ Pro offers targeted relief to your knee and joints, helping to reduce inflammation and ease pain. 

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