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Are you one of the millions stuck in an endless cycle of inflammation, muscle and joint pain, and even injury recovery?

Welcome friend. We’re about to light up your world.

Accelerate Your Body's Natural Healing with

The MOVE+ Pro.

Introducing, the MOVE+. A non-invasive, pain-busting treatment device that uses the body’s physiology to heal itself.
Quickly. Painlessly. Wherever you are.


Combines laser technology and functional nodes, wrapped into a light-weight portable device you can easily take, use and recharge anywhere.

It triggers the anti-oxidation at a cellular level which removes toxins, heals joints, and reduces inflammatory proteins in your blood / joints.

Gives you clinical-level access to the right amount and type of targeted pulsing light – reaching your internal tissue with laser accuracy. Literally.

Whether you’re everyday active, or pushing to compete, our MOVE+ device is your essential, portable recovery device.

The lasers then promote dilation, increasing blood flow in the damaged areas to spur your body’s natural healing. 

WHO is the MOVE+ good for

Biohacker and health & wellness enthusiasts.

Over-active athletes feeling the effects of repetitive stress injuries and muscle & joint pain

Get-out-and-play people whose pains have been impacting your run, swim, bike, golf or pickleball

Key board warriors feeling the
effects of tendonitis, sedentary back pain and sore neck/shoulders from hovering over the computer all day

Post surgery folks in need of help with inflammation and overall recovery

Old-aches-and-pains crew who want to finally get on top of years of pain

Join 25,000+ others and get back on the move

Our customers tell it like it is and we’re so thankful they do! We’ve received hundreds of 5* reviews and stories of how the MOVE+ has changed their lives. Drops of 4-5 pain scales. Regained movement. Overnight recovery. Return to the movements we all love - dog walking, dancing, riding, lifting, golfing, running.

First Weeks Have Been Very Good: I have used the Move+ Pro on my knees and notice an improvement in the usual morning achiness. I feel very optimistic.

James M.

I’ve had the Move+Pro for 3 weeks and love it. I have a torn miniscus on my right knee and had a scope done in my left. The dull pain keeps me up at night. With daily use, that pain is tolerable and sometimes all but gone. I’m sleeping better than ever.

Kathreen B.

Day 1 Results: The MOVE PRO+ is amazing. From day one my shoulder started to feel better. It reduced inflation over time and eventually my shoulder popped back into place. I use it daily save so should you.

Ethan L.

I could not be more impressed and pleased with how high quality and reasonably priced the device is. Extremely easy to use, very effective even with the first use. I workout daily and it always helps the joints or muscles...

Tim L.

Very cool! It's the way I can explain it!! IT REALLY WORKS!!! Now I can reenter the training field... Pain free!

Mark S.

I broke my knee (head of tibia) a year ago. My son bought the Move + for my recovery and it was great for the swelling and pain. I now use it every day on one of my many arthritic joints - love it so much!!


I have OA in both knees and can only take acetaminophen which does nothing for the inflammation. I have had laser therapy before and knew that it helped me...

Jacqueline A.

I have owned my unit for several months now & can honestly say that it's the best thing I've ever bought for pain management. My unit gets used ever single day by both myself & my 94 year old mother who suffers from severe arthritis...

Lina R.

Using the Move+ every day has significantly reduced the pain I experience in my feet and ankles. I apply the unit in three separate locations on each foot for 5 minutes (15 minutes total)...

Randy E.

Ready to Join the Kineon Movement and Get Your Body Moving Again?


Harnessing The Power of Light

We’ve read the 6,000 clinical studies on red light and photobiomodulation. And put in over 10,000+ hours of science informed design. The result? We've unlocked the door to a powerful recovery & healing solution.

See below for specs and what's included with every MOVE+ device.

The Move+ Includes:

Elite LED & Laser Technology

3 modules & 2 emission area per unit, each with wavelength of:

  • 8 x deep re (650mm) LEDs
  • 10 x Infrared (808mm) laser diodes

Optical power:

  • Infrared lasers (class 1): 5mW per laser diode, 50mW per module
  • Deep red LEDs: 80mW per emission area
Kineon MOVE+ Pro - wide - blue.png__PID:644d566c-b316-4187-a329-60b7c7a1e174

Consistent & Effective Dosing

Joint-Level Penetration

Affordable ($499)

Portable & Hands-free

Backed By The Latest Clinical Research

Inconsistent & Ineffective Dosing

Surface-Level Penetration

Expensive ($1,000+)

Inconvenient & Bulky

Not Supported By Clinical Research

Finally say good-bye to pain and inflammation

Supports recovery of damaged blood vessels and cartilage.

Reduces Inflammation, muscle and joint pain

Boosts strength and endurance

Effective on any body part (shoulders, knee, elbow, ankle, wrist, hip, back, etc)

What our pain has in common is inflammation.

Swollen tissues push sensitive nerve endings that send a message. When we ignore or numb that message, we never deal with the root cause of our pain.


Pain medication is
harming us.

On a large scale, the science shows that regular NSAID / medication use is damaging our cardiovascular systems, stomach linings, and livers. And yet, we’re still in pain.

To address pain where it begins, we must go deeper, targeting inflammation at a cellular level.

Hear from the pros

“This red-light therapy device from Kineon, is a complete GAME CHANGER. In just a few short days, you could be on your way to living with a lot less pain.

Ben Greenfield

“I have been using the MOVE+ Pro on anything that starts to hurt. I have tendonitis and have seen huge improvements in my recovery times. For enhancing my recovery, it has been a game-changer”.

Brooke Wells

Try the MOVE+ risk free for 30 days and if you have HSA/FSA, even better!


Over 6,500 medical trial papers concluded:

Deep penetrating light stimulates the body’s healing

A targeted and correct dose of light therapy will penetrate the skin, target the mitochondria - the powerhouses of the cell – and reduce inflammation.


We’re using science to stimulate and heal the body naturally:

We’re leveraging light, technology and the body’s physiology to heal itself

10,000 hours of science informed design has resulted in the powerful and portable Move+, red light therapy device

Our tech provides clinical-level access to the right type and amount of targeted pulsing light to stimulate production of ATP and nitric oxide, which cleans out inflammation.

As blood flow increases, the body’s natural healing processes kick in.

Helps move out inflammation. Increases blood flow. And relieves pain that is limiting your movement.

Whether you’re active everyday, pushing to compete, or overcoming injury, our MOVE+ device is your essential, on-the-go pain pro device to tackle your inflammation, muscle and joint pain.

The flexibility of this device means you can tackle all of your body pains