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Meet Oxidative Stress: The Dangerous By-Product Of Your Body Managing Oxygen

Oxidative stress is a phenomenon caused by an imbalance between production and accumulation of oxygen reactive species (ROS) in cells and tissues and your body’s ability to detoxify these reactive products. A large body of evidences shows that oxidative stress can be responsible, with different degrees of importance, in the onset and/or progression of several diseases


DNA Damage (Aging)

Chronic Inflammation



Metabolic disorders


Cardiovascular diseases

ROS are normally generated as by-products of oxygen metabolism; despite this, environmental stressors (i.e., UV, ionizing radiations, pollutants, and heavy metals) contribute to greatly increase ROS production, causing the imbalance that leads to cell and tissue damage (oxidative stress) New evidence from medial trials reveals that photobiomodulation (light therapy) can help reduce oxidative stress through several mechanisms.

Oxidative Stress And Joint Problems: Common Problems With A Common Source

Besides other agents – risk factors such as overweight or a family history, oxidative stress is involved in the pathogenesis of arthritis. OA is not limited to articular cartilage only, but also affects the subchondral bone, as well as the adjacent connective tissue and the synovial membrane

Nitric Oxide: The Pain Reliever You’ve Never Heard Of

The PBM relies on a photochemical mechanism. Specfic wavelengths of light are used for the application, absorbed by chromophores present in the cells. PBM can also reduce oxidative stress by dissociating the inhibitory nitric oxide (NO) from CCO (Hamblin 2016).

Nitric Oxide is involved in perception and reduction of pain caused by OA via four different pathways:


The blood-flow pathway is normalized in the presence of NO, which may help to decrease ischemic pain


The nerve transmission pathway, which decreases the irritation of the nerves in the synovium, bone, and soft tissues


The opioid receptor pathway, which might stimulate the body’s normal pain reduction pathways


The anti-inflammation pathway

The Balancing Power Of Light

Light therapy PBM shows beneficial effects by:

Increasing mitochondrial function

Reducing protein accumulation

Reducing oxidative stress

Suppressing inflammation

*(Johnstone et al. 2016; Salehpour et al. 2018)

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Intro To The Cellular Effects

The application of red light (particularly 650nm and 808-810nm) is absorbed by the enzyme cytochrome c oxidase, which is located in the unit IV respiratory chain of the mitochondria. Nitric oxide (NO) is then displaced and activates the enzyme and this leads to a proton gradient. Consequently, calcium ions (Ca2+), reactive oxygen species (ROS), and ATP production levels are increased. On the other hand, the application of near-infrared light (810–1064 nm) activates light-sensitive ion channels, and increases the levels of Ca2+. ROS and cyclic AMP (cAMP)then interact with the calcium ions. All of these activities increase cell differentiation, proliferation and migration and reduce oxidative stress

Reviiv's Activation In Action

The Knee+ improves blood flow, reduces oxidative stress and inflammation, and reduces pain by triggering cellular signaling processes. These benefits have been validated by a series of clinical studies, including hundreds of human trials.

In A Single Session, Reviiv Knee+ Activates Nitric Oxide And Increases Blood Flow

Using a technique called reactive hyperemia, scientists tracked vascular activity during a single 5 minute Knee+ session. They observed improved reperfusion in treated tissue, a type of activity that indicates better bloodflow and vascular health.

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From Blood Flow To Healing

Reduced pain and lower inflammation markers

Increased blood flow from nitric oxide activation is one of the multiple positive impacts on cardiovascular health:

  • Healing human endothelial cells
  • Improving bone regeneration
  • Increasing cartilage retention and        regrowth

Immediate And Lasting Pain Relief And Inflammation Reduction

Various clinical studies show how effectively reduces pain and inflammation. A significant majority of participants experienced the benefits of light therapy after wearing the Knee+ device, with many still feeling the effects months later.


Of Individuals Reported A Decrease In Pain Symptoms


Of Individuals Reported A Decrease In Pain Symptoms


Showed An Improvement In Tissue Reperfusion (Indicating Healthier Blood Flow)


Showed An Improvement In Tissue Reperfusion (Indicating Healthier Blood Flow)


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